Alabamians advised to monitor their credit amid a cyberattack on the state’s education system

The Alabama State Department of Education has disclosed a data breach, potentially affecting its employees and state students.

Malicious hackers attempted to breach the department’s computer system on June 17th, 2024, but succeeded only partially. The department said it managed to interrupt and stop the attack before the crooks could lock down the system.

Unfortunately, the attackers compromised “some data” and disrupted services. The investigation into which data has been compromised is ongoing.

Criminals may have accessed some personally identifiable data.

“It is disappointing and disheartening to learn that hackers were able to break through our security system to access data,” the department said.

As it is recommended by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the department doesn’t intend to negotiate with extortioners.

“Since our team was able to interrupt the hackers and keep them from encrypting the server, they were unable to instigate a denial of service. All data have been restored using clean backups. We have taken additional steps to secure data.”

Alabama State Schools Superintendent Eric Mackey recommended that all parents and local and state education employees monitor their credit, assuming the possibility of a breach.

Officials suggested “a foreign” actor might be involved.