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Jurgita Lapienytė

Jurgita Lapienytė

Jurgita Lapienyte is a Senior Journalist at CyberNews.

Prior to joining CyberNews, she spent a decade in business journalism. For many years, she had been working in governmental institutions - both national and international - and covering the most important economic and business topics, such as the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the financial crisis that followed. Jurgita has also been covering international and local politics, as well as technology and auto news.

Her investigative pieces have brought more justice and transparency to the transportation, showbiz, retail, and catering sectors. She believes that the more people hate you for your work, the better you're at it. As a journalist, she has to swallow bitter pills from time to time - someone is always threatening to either to sue you or to find out where you live.

Here at CyberNews, Jurgita works as a reporter covering the most important tech-related news, with a strong focus on how technologies and digitalization affect our quality of life, human rights, and democracy.

Jurgita has a Bachelor's degree in journalism, and a Master’s in politics and media. Sometimes, she has to make three different interviews a day in three different languages. So naturally, she is passionate about learning languages (currently studying Yiddish). Throughout her academic years, Jurgita has explored the subjects of humor in media and the coverage of armed conflicts, and wrote a paper on how ideology manifests itself in popular culture artefacts like internet memes.

Jurgita attended multiple training programs with the US State Department, European Journalism Centre, and Transparency International. She is also part of the international Digital Communication Network, belongs to the Lithuanian Business News Journalists Club, and the US-LT Alumni Association.

When Jurgita is not writing, she’s probably looking after her small personal zoo or her countless plants. But even then, she's waiting for your tips and insights - after all, journalism is a 24/7 job, and she loves it!

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