TV company exposes over 100K records, a Chilean online television company, has leaked over 100,000 user records. is an internet protocol television (IPTV) company – similar to cable TV but streamed over the internet – with over 130 channels on offer.

Recently, the Cybernews research team discovered an unprotected dataset online containing user data. It contained over 100,000 user records. proof

Our researchers assess with high confidence that all users were affected by the leak.

The type of user data that was exposed included:

  • Name
  • Email
  • IP address
  • User device details
  • Partial payment data (card expiration date, last four digits of the card, cardholder name)

The data had been exposed for three days, leaving criminals enough time to snatch it from public depositories.

The company claimed that “no more than 3,000 users were exposed and no credit card sensitive information exposed.”

Our researchers assess that the leak was caused by a misconfiguration of a server.

Updated on March 15th [08:45 a.m. GMT]. The original version of the article incorrectly stated that over 100,000 users were exposed. In actuality, the database contained 100,000 records, and the number of affected users remains unknown. The company claims that no more than 3,000 users were exposed.

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