From The Simpsons to reality: Apple Vision Pro’s 15 minutes of fame

Once predicted in an episode of ‘The Simpsons,’ the Apple Vision Pro has taken the internet by storm, demonstrating its seamless integration into the lives of many.

Since its release on February 2nd, 2024, many headset owners can be seen doing crazy and downright stupid things.

We’ve found some of the best examples of people using and abusing Apple’s brand new augmented reality (AR) device.

Walking the dog

This viral post on X caught the attention of many, featuring a man walking a robotic dog while wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The suited gentleman can be seen holding a remote control for his robotic canine companion while strapped into the Vision Pro.

Many X users weren’t outraged by the lack of awareness while wandering through London – they were more concerned with his oversized suit.

In another video on X, the robotic dog is even riding two skateboards while the masked man rolls him along.

This is downright weird and can only be described as a peek into the dystopian future ahead.

Work as you go

Another post on X showed a young man working on the subway using his Apple Vision Pro.

The man is seemingly typing in mid-air while looking through his headset.

An odd place to file your taxes but convenient nonetheless.

The comments on this post raise concerns over the man’s safety, with him wearing a $3,500 piece of tech on a public subway in New York City.

One comment wrote: “With a cost of $3,500, I'm surprised we haven't seen video of one of these guys getting robbed yet.”

Other comments add that the young man is “definitely asking for trouble,” flaunting some of the most expensive tech out there.

Master your craft

With the Apple Vision Pro, you have the potential to learn new skills and refine existing ones.

A post on X showed an individual using the headset to guide him through a song on the piano.

The person can be seen playing Clair De Lune by Debussy, with the headset showing him upcoming keys and combinations of notes.

The caption reads: "A spatial computing app that brings a dynamic, interactive dimension to your keyboard."

This app uses a tile format to help you understand which notes come next. Imagine a super techy version of Guitar Hero.

Speaking of Guitar Hero, there’s also an app that allows you to play your favorite songs on guitar using the same tile format.

The post garnered some interesting comments – many of which were positive – demonstrating quite a lot of admiration for the Apple Vision Pro.

(Not) lost in translation

The Apple Vision Pro isn’t just a fun toy to play around with; it can be useful when dealing with a conversation in a foreign language.

For example, the app ‘Navi’ is a translation tool that lets you see the translation into English in real-time.

“Built from the ground up for Apple Vision Pro, Navi adds captions and live translation to the real world,” the post reads.

This app allows you to see live translations into English as a person speaks a foreign language.

That’ll take the guesswork out of communication.

Influencers vs Apple Vision Pro

YouTube Casey Neistat is the latest influencer to be seen with the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The post shows Neistat riding through the streets on an electric skateboard while wearing the Apple Vision Pro.

This seems incredibly dangerous, but no one on X pointed it out.

Instead, the comments were filled with longing for analog life and some positive feedback about using the Apple Vision Pro.

“It was nice knowing humanity before transhumanism,” one comment read. “This is the most ridiculous product ever” was another typical reaction.

Neistat walked the streets wearing the Apple Pro Vision headset, getting stopped by people on the street who were interested in the product.

While waiting for the subway, Neistat watched a Mr Beast video and claimed this was a “pretty special experience.”

Neistat roamed the streets trying out the latest features on the Apple Vision Pro and gave a closing statement for the review.

This influencer believes the headset is the “future interface for all computing.”

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