Firefox chooses French partner to prevent user tracking

Firefox has announced a partnership with a French search engine that boasts it doesn’t install any cookies on users’ browsers.

Firefox recently revealed its collaboration with Qwant – a search engine that's known for refraining from tracking users' data for advertising purposes or providing biased search results.

Qwant claims to have its own web indexing technology, and, unlike other search engines, it says it doesn’t install any cookies on the user’s browser.

Qwant is also marketed as a search engine that takes users' privacy into consideration by blocking any tracking or advertising.

Another reason for Firefox and Qwant's partnership is that both are interested in providing "unbiased and comprehensive" search results. Since no information about a user is stored, Qwant shows all-inclusive information.

Users can find Qwant through the Firefox URL alongside other search engines that users can select if they're concerned about their privacy or just want to use a preferred search engine.

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