Nextflix ditches older Sony TVs as it suspends its service

Owners of 2014 Sony TVs have less than a month to figure out how they'll watch their favorite shows on Netflix.

Netflix is suspending its streaming services on certain Sony TV models.

On July 24th, 2024, Netflix will no longer support Sony TV models that came out in 2014.

"Starting July 24th, 2024, the Netflix app will no longer be supported on some 2014 BRAVIA televisions (Affected Models). You can continue to use the Netflix app until July 23rd, 2024. You can still enjoy Netflix on the Affected Models by using a supported streaming device," Sony states.

In this situation, owners of older Sony TVs are advised to upgrade their TVs or buy a streaming device, such as an Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku, or Apple TV.

While it's unclear what caused this suspension, the situation could be explained by the fact that older devices are not equipped to maintain recent updates. Last year, Netflix discontinued its services for 34 Sony TV models from 2012 to 2013.

This news will affect Sony TV owners in the US, Europe, and the UK.

The list of Sony TV models that will no longer receive Netflix streaming services:

  • KDL-60W610B
  • KDL-60W630B
  • KDL-55X830B
  • KDL-65X830B
  • KDL-70X830B
  • XBR-55X800B
  • XBR-65X800B
  • XBR-49X850B
  • XBR-55X850B
  • XBR-65X850B
  • XBR-70X850B
  • XBR-55X900B
  • XBR-65X900B
  • XBR-79X900B
  • XBR-65X950B
  • XBR-85X950B