Palmsy: a social media app with only fake followers

Palmsy is a social media app that allows users to share their thoughts with followers who aren’t real.

One of the things that make social media so immersive is seeing our posts gain recognition. All those likes and shares make us feel better about ourselves, and that’s a feeling one doesn’t want to go away.

What usually stops users from excessive posting is the thought of whether it's really worth it to share things with others and how it all will be perceived.

With this in mind, developer Pat Nakajima has created an app called Palmsy.

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So what does it do? Palmsy allows its users to create limitless posts for followers who actually aren’t real.

The way the app works is that it takes the information from a user’s contact list and creates “followers” who, in reality, don’t see anything that the user posts. The “likes” are randomly generated and are designed purely to give a sense of recognition and make the user feel engaged.

According to Palmsy, “It’s all just for fun – nothing ever leaves your device, so your privacy is safe.”

The app is free and is intended for people who enjoy sharing their thoughts and getting some sort of reaction or want to have their own personal diary.

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