Japanese company tests out translation device with a clear screen

Communication in one of Japan’s airports may get much easier with this transparent screen translation system.

Haneda’s airport in Tokyo, Japan, has received a clear-screen translation system that will be tested in the facility.

The translation system can translate spoken language into 13 other languages, including English and Korean. Users can either say or type their words by using a keyboard. The translation is then shown on the transparent screen.

The device was designed to help foreigners and people with hearing difficulties. Its transparent screen allows people to see each other while talking as the company is “aiming to support conversations at airport counters and make travel stress-free,” reports Toppan.

The first test started on July 2nd at Haneda Airport’s Terminal, with the system being used there for a week. On August 20th, the device will be tested at Osaka International Airport.

The translation system was created by TOPPAN Inc., a Japan-based global printing company founded in 1900.

The printing company and the airports collaborated to determine whether the new system was working correctly and could provide users with accurate translations so that such a device could be used in the future.