Best broadband deals in Cardiff (2024)

Accessing a reliable and high-speed broadband connection is relatively easy in Cardiff. Like many other cities in the UK, the Welsh capital enjoys coverage from some of the biggest internet providers, offering various broadband deals and packages. Below, we’ll walk you through finding the best broadband deals in Cardiff.

List of broadband deals in Cardiff


How do you compare deals in Cardiff with Cybernews postcode checker?

There’s no need to open several tabs and browse through the websites of different internet service providers. The Cybernews postcode checker allows you to find and compare broadband deals with only a few clicks. Here’s how to use our postcode checker:

1. Type your postcode into the postcode checker and select your address from the options in the dropdown menu.

2. Select your current broadband provider if you have one. Leave that section blank if you haven’t yet signed up with a provider.

3. Click “Compare Deals” to see a list of all the broadband providers available in your neighbourhood and the plans they offer.

What types of broadband can you get in Cardiff?

When shopping for internet in Cardiff, several broadband connection technologies are available. Your budget and how you use the internet will ultimately dictate your choice. Here are some of the broadband types available in Cardiff:

  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL): ADSL broadband connection is available in nearly all homes in Cardiff and is one of the cheapest options. However, many customers choose fibre optic options over ADSL due to relatively higher speeds.
  • Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC): FTTC or part-fibre broadband is popular for its speed and reliability. However, its speed depends significantly on the distance from your property to the street cabinet and the quality of the copper wires covering the distance between these.
  • Fibre-to-the-premices (FTTP): FTTP or full-fibre broadband is also widely available in Wales at speeds ranging from 100 to over 1,000Mbps. In fact, more than 50 percent of households in Cardiff support FTTP broadband connections. One of the main perks of FTTP broadband is its speed and stability.
  • Cable Broadband: Cardiff residents can also access cable broadband from some of the UK's top broadband providers. Some of the UK’s top broadband providers offer cable broadband network services.

What broadband options are available in Cardiff?

Internet service providers have different plans for users in Cardiff, including:

  • Broadband only: As the name implies, this internet package only provides broadband internet. Broadband-only deals are ideal for homes or individuals who want internet access without extras like a phone subscription or TV. They are usually cheaper and offer more flexibility.
  • Broadband and phone: This type of package gives you broadband internet and phone coverage. Broadband and phone packages usually come with data and phone minutes. While it’s usually more expensive than broadband-only plans, these deals can be cost-effective. Broadband and phone packages also offer greater convenience since both services come from the same provider.
  • Broadband and TV: Broadband and TV packages offer internet and TV connection in a single subscription. This package usually includes a specific amount of data and several TV channels, including streaming services like Netflix. Broadband and TV deals also offer convenience since you have just one bill to manage.

What factors should you consider before choosing the best broadband provider in Cardiff?

Choosing the best broadband deal in Cardiff can be arduous if you don’t know what to look for. So, here are some things to keep in mind when looking at internet providers in the capital of Wales:

  • Speed: Speed is easily one of the most essential factors when choosing a broadband provider. Everyone wants a fast internet connection. Broadband providers offer different speeds depending on the part of Cardiff you live and the type of broadband you’re using. The speed you get will also depend on your budget since broadband providers offer different internet packages at varying speeds.
  • Price: Broadband internet is available in Cardiff at different price points. Superfast internet tends to be more expensive than standard broadband services. We recommend picking a provider with packages that suit your budget and internet usage needs.
  • Reputation: It’s essential to consider the reputation of any broadband provider you pick. You want an internet provider known for offering excellent services in your area. We recommend checking online reviews and forums like Reddit to gauge how other users rate your preferred broadband provider.
  • Coverage/availability: Is your preferred broadband provider available in your neighbourhood? How comprehensive is their coverage in Cardiff and throughout Wales? Choose a company with extensive local coverage for the best speeds and most reliable broadband connection.
  • Contract length: Internet service providers typically offer short and long-term contracts. Most contracts are between 12 to 24 months. While long-term agreements are more cost-effective, some broadband providers have cancellation fees you must pay if you choose to leave the contract before it elapses.
  • Customer service: It’s crucial to assess the customer service of your preferred broadband provider. Is it easy for customers to get assistance when connectivity issues arise? You want a provider you can reach at any time with whatever problem you may be experiencing so you can be sure of getting the help you need.

What broadband speeds can you expect in Cardiff?

Cardiff has relatively fast broadband compared to other parts of Wales. Cardiff's average broadband speed has increased in the last few years, from 16 Mbps in 2018 to an average of 108 Mbps in 2024. Broadband speeds above 100 Mbps are ideal for gaming and streaming. Although speeds have increased rapidly in the last few years, Cardiff is still catching up to other major cities in the UK.

It's worth noting that these average speeds may vary considerably depending on your specific location and connection type. For example, areas with full-fibre (FTTP) coverage may benefit from much higher speeds, potentially at 1 Gbps or more. On the other hand, some areas still relying on ADSL might see lower speeds. If you want a more accurate picture of speeds at a specific address, using a postcode checker or contacting local providers is best.

What broadband deal in Cardiff is right for you?

No single best broadband deal is ideal for everyone. Since our needs differ, what’s right for you may not suit others. Here are some questions you must answer to identify the best broadband deals in Cardiff.

Are you a light, moderate, or heavy internet user? If you aren’t sure, you should learn more about what makes a good broadband speed. Otherwise, find some general tips below:

  • If you only need the internet to check emails and access social media occasionally, you're a light user and an average speed of 5-15 Mbps will suffice.
  • If you stream on Netflix and platforms like YouTube, you're a moderate user and 10-40 Mbps will work for you.
  • Heavy broadband users who work and play games online will need 40-100Mbps.

Beyond speed levels, ask yourself the following:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you need a phone or TV bundle?
  • What contract length do you consider ideal?

Some internet providers in Cardiff

There are numerous internet providers in Cardiff offering broadband deals. Below are a few of the best providers in Cardiff:

  • Virgin Media: Virgin Media arguably offers the fastest broadband speeds in Cardiff. This internet provider delivers up to 1.1 Gbps speeds via its cable network. Its broadband speed ranges from 56 Mbps to 1130 Mbps. Virgin Media is ideal for heavy internet users and offers TV and phone packages.
  • BT: BT offers a range of broadband options, including fibre-optic connections. It is known for its reliability and fast broadband speeds—up to 900 Mbps. This company provides both standard and fibre broadband packages. Although BT prices are relatively high, its speed and uninterrupted connection make up for it.
  • TalkTalk: TalkTalk offers fast internet at some of the most affordable prices. It has a range of internet packages, including ADSL, fibre and full-fibre broadband with speeds ranging from 11 Mbps to 150 Mbps.
  • NOW: NOW has extensive coverage in Cardiff, but it’s not available in every part of the city. NOW offers broadband deals with an average speed of 100 Mbps. It provides broadband and TV deals, including Netflix and NOW entertainment subscriptions.
  • Plusnet: This multiple award-winning company offers a range of internet packages, including broadband-only and broadband and phone services. Plusnet connections are stable and relatively fast, with speeds as high as 900 Mbps. Plusnet is one of the few internet service providers using renewable energy, which makes it a sustainable option for Cardiff residents.
  • Sky: Sky is one of Cardiff's leading internet service providers, offering an average broadband speed of 55 Mbps. Sky is also known to provide reliable internet services without interruption. Sky offers TV deals as well as Sky TV and Netflix.
  • EE: EE is another internet service provider with a strong presence in Cardiff. It offers broadband connections and broadband, phone, and TV deals.
  • Vodafone: Vodafone is one of the biggest internet service providers in the UK, with a strong presence in Cardiff. Vodafone offers a full-fibre network with speeds ranging from 36 Mbps to 910 Mbps. Vodafone broadband is ideal for heavy internet users. This internet service provider has broadband, TV and home phone packages.
  • Hyperoptic: This brand specialises in FTTP broadband and offers various packages, including phone and broadband. Hyperoptic broadband speeds range from 55 Mbps to 347 Mbps in Cardiff. However, Hyperoptic only covers some parts of Cardiff.

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