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Each year, the latest iPhone release gets the world talking. Here’s the problem, though: iPhones are expensive. Your best bet is to snag one of the top iPhone deals of the week to get the value for your money — which means you’re in the right place.

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Are iPhones any good?

Yes, iPhones are excellent devices. Apple released the very first iPhone on June 29, 2007. And after nearly 20 years of being one of the top smartphone companies in the world, its excellent reputation is well deserved. With its annual press conference, Apple habitually captures the world’s attention as people eagerly tune in to see what new features the latest iPhone will offer.

iPhones have cutting-edge technology, gorgeous premium design, and top-class cameras. According to Skillamedia, there are 1.46 billion active iPhone users worldwide. This represents a market share of 21.67% of the world's total smartphone-using population. This is a 2023 statistic, and it has increased year-on-year.

Why Choose iPhone Deals?

While many people buy their iPhones directly from the Apple Store, even more customers opt for a contract deal from a third-party telecommunications provider.

Taking advantage of these iPhone deals can net you some great benefits:

  • Spread the cost over 12, 24, or 36 months, making it more affordable than paying upfront.
  • Contracts include data, texts, and minutes, eliminating the need for extra monthly top-ups.
  • Some contracts offer mid-term upgrades, providing an easy way to get the latest iPhone.
  • Automatic monthly renewals and the flexibility to purchase additional allowances provide convenience and adaptability.

What to look for in iPhone deals and contracts?

When you start looking for the best phone deals, you’ll notice one thing: there are hundreds of them. So, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the number of options you have when looking for iPhone offers.

You must remember that you’re entering a binding legal contract. You’ll have to commit to one of these deals for the entire term, ranging between 12 and 36 months. Making the right decision here is crucial.

Here’s a quick overview of things you should consider when choosing an iPhone deal:

  • Mobile data allowance - if your plan doesn’t include mobile data, you will need to buy extra each month. Alternatively, if you get a plan with too much mobile data, you’ll waste money by paying for a more expensive plan and having heaps of data left over at the end of the month.
  • Contract length - Most providers will give you flexibility in choosing your contract length. They can offer any variation of 12, 24, and 36 months. Remember, though, the shorter your contract, the more you’ll pay monthly. On the other hand, the longer your contract, the longer you’ll pay.
  • Model selection - iPhones are wildly popular, so most providers have a wide selection. Consider the models you like, the colour, and the storage you want on your iPhone. Then, ensure the provider has available stock.
  • Monthly price - The monthly charges will vary from one provider to another. It all depends on the model you choose and the extras that come with it. Always stay within your budget.

What iPhone deals are available?

You must understand the range of available contracts to find the best iPhone contract deals. You can choose from three main types of contracts: prepaid, monthly, and SIM-free.


Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is a simple and flexible prepaid contract. Each month, your mobile data, texts and minutes start at zero. You can decide how much credit you want to charge your phone with. This means you won’t get any nasty surprises on phone bills. Instead, you’ll just run out of data and need to top up when your quota runs out.

It’s an easy way to control your monthly spending, and you won’t need to commit to a specific monthly payment for the long term (unless you are still paying off the purchase price of your iPhone deal, of course).

Monthly contracts

Monthly iPhone contract deals are the most common type that people go for. This type of contract will lock you into a specific monthly price for your iPhone and the mobile data, minutes, and texts you receive each month. You’ll pay the same monthly charge for the entire contract (12, 24, or 36 months).


SIM-free contracts will not lock you into dealing with any one provider. This is when you buy the iPhone outright from the Apple Store or another third-party reseller instead of your telecommunications provider. You’ll pay the monthly cost of the phone plan only, but you will need to get your SIM card with a service provider.

Which UK providers offer iPhone deals?


Three offers some of the best iPhone deals in the UK because there are no data limits, and its 5G SIM cards give you rapid connection speeds. Wi-Fi calling will become your go-to option with Three by ensuring a strong signal even in your basement. There’s also a loyalty app with great discounts like 20% off Uber Eats and £3 Cineworld tickets. Customers also get access to pre-sale tickets for gigs and events.


Another top provider in the UK for iPhone deals, O2 offers some excellent add-ons. You’ll get priority tickets at venues nationwide, with early access to concert tickets up to 48 hours before general release. You’ll have free roaming in the EU with your new iPhone, plus fast-track entry at O2 venues. There are also six-month free subscriptions to services like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime or Audible.

BT Mobile

BT Mobile is the go-to service provider for sports fans. TNT Sports (BT Sport) is free on select plans. This provider also has the widest-ranging 4G network in the UK, so your coverage will be excellent. You can also get massive savings if you're a BT broadband customer.


Vodafone also has some decent deals on iPhones right now. You’ll get access to the VeryMe app with offers, prize draws and discounts. You’ll also get a 10% student discount, and you can enjoy Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium or YouTube Premium at discounted rates.

How to find the best iPhone deal?

The best place to start is the phone itself. First, decide which iPhone you want and narrow down your search for the perfect iPhone deal.

From there, look into the top providers and decide which ones appeal to you the most. Do this by considering which elements are most important to you. Is it affordability? Wide network coverage? Additional benefits?

Once you’ve decided on these requirements, finding the perfect iPhone deal becomes much more manageable. Remember, there is no “one-size-fits-all” iPhone offer, so it’s best to tailor your search based on your needs.

Which iPhone should you choose?

When deciding which iPhone to choose, think about your needs in a phone first. At the same time, you need to consider your budget for an iPhone. All iPhones are expensive, but the flagship Pro Max version is much more costly than the rest.

iPhone 15 Pro deals are still relatively pricey at the moment. So, if price is important, you may want to go for one of the best iPhone 14 deals or the standard iPhone 15 deals. Alternatively, save up and wait for the release of the upcoming iPhone 16.

Is there a difference between the iPhone 13, 14 and 15?

There are some significant differences between the previous three versions of the iPhone. The iPhone 13 and 14 are very similar, with the most notable difference being the addition of the dynamic island – iPhone 14 Pro – and some camera upgrades.

The most significant change is in the iPhone 15. The long-awaited change to the charging port is finally here. Apple switched from the lightning cable to the USB-C port, which means the iPhone now shares the same charging port as Android phones. There was also another camera upgrade in the iPhone 15, boosting it up to 48 megapixels.

iPhone vs Android smartphones

ComparisoniPhone 15Samsung S24Xiaomi 14Oppo Reno 10
Standout Features
  • Dynamic Island
  • New 48MP camera
  • Durable colour-infused glass and aluminium design
  • USB-C charging portA more comprehensive range of premium accessories, such as the AirPods
  • Connects with all other Apple devices seamlessly
  • The software is easy to use.
  • New AI-powered features include live translation, photo editing, search, and more
  • Advanced intelligence security
  • A wider range of choice in phones
  • Customisable interface and software
  • More affordable than the iPhone
  • Leica Optics camera
  • Quick charge - 31 mins to 100%
  • Xiaomi is stepping up its game in the smartphone competition
  • Open software - more customisable
  • The most affordable flagship model
Repairs and Customer ServiceApple customer service is always top-notch. However, repairs and maintenance are known to be expensive. Third-party repairs are available but not approved by Apple (you will lose your warranty coverage).Samsung phones are generally more accessible and cheaper to repair than iPhones. Samsung is less strict with its third-party repairs policy, too, which means that having your phone repaired at your nearest repair shop is not an issue like it is with Apple products.Xiaomi is quickly rising into one of the leading smartphone manufacturers. They will soon be rivalling Samsung and iPhone for the top spot. Like Samsung, repairs are cheaper and accessible anywhere (it doesn’t have to be a Xiaomi store). Customer service is decent but not on par with Apple and Samsung's.Oppo is still new to the market, so its phones are much lower in price than others. Repairs are cheap and easy, but customer service may be lacking.

How to compare our best iPhone deals

Want to know how we found the UK’s cheapest iPhone deals? We took a careful approach to ensure that we got all the latest information directly from the source to give you the best iPhone deals for the UK. Here’s a step-by-step process:

  1. We researched the different iPhone deals currently available from the top providers in the UK.
  2. We put all our findings into a spreadsheet to make it easier to compare them.
  3. We keep that spreadsheet updated with new deals every week.
  4. We wrote this guide by selecting the deals with the best value for money.

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