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Nihad A. Hassan

Nihad A. Hassan

Nihad A. Hassan is an independent cybersecurity consultant, digital forensics and cyber open-source intelligence (OSINT) expert, online blogger, and author.

He has been researching information security for more than a decade, and developed cybersecurity education courses and technical guides. He has completed technical security consulting engagements involving security architectures, penetration testing, computer crime investigation, and OSINT.

Nihad has authored six books and hundreds of information security articles for global publications. He also enjoys being involved in security training, education, and motivation classes.

His current work focuses on digital forensics and privacy, anti-forensic techniques, and OSINT. He covers information security and related topics on his blog at www.DarknessGate.com and recently launched a dedicated site at www.OSINT.link.

Nihad has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom.