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MacKeeper antivirus review

MacKeeper is a Mac-dedicated antivirus software that offers an advanced and uncommon suite of security which will keep your protection up to date.

And since you are already here, I’m aware that you know the fact that Mac devices aren’t immune to viruses and malware. And one of the prevention tools for these dangers is MacKeeper.

This antivirus software offers plenty of security and privacy features that will come as handy for fighting against infections. Antivirus, adware cleaner, a built-in VPN, smart uninstaller, and even more. All these goodies will not only keep you protected but will also boost your Mac’s performance.

In this MacKeeper review, I will take a detailed look at its security, interface, pricing, and other key points, so you could get a better image of it. Perhaps MacKeeper is going to be your new security tool? Well, continue reading and let’s find that out!

Price:From $71.40/year
Free version:Yes
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MacKeeper pros & cons

Visit MacKeeper to find out more about the features

Is MacKeeper safe?

Yes, MacKeeper is safe. But, rumor has it MacKeeper isn’t the smartest choice for increasing your Mac’s security. The reason behind that is its used tricky way in the past to attract more users by offering a free download of the app and afterward asking to pay for it. Also, the software was hard to remove from your Mac.

Yet, now MacKeeper is owned by Clario Tech which is approved by AppEsteem, which is a world-leading cybersecurity company. Therefore, MacKeeper claims to be more secure now.

While I was testing MacKeeper on my own, I could only see detections of potentially unwanted applications and riskware. Also, older version applications were detected as scareware. However, those are commonly detected by other antivirus programs as well. So my trust in MacKeeper has increased at this point.

Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a better look at independent testing results to have a better understanding.

MacKeeper test results

Well, we can see that MacKeeper has perfectly blocked Av-Comparatives 538 samples. To be exact, it has successfully blocked 100% of the threats provided.

And even though the PUA detection rate is a bit lower – 98%, it still proves to be a trustworthy security tool. I mean, even Avira Antivirus that is one of the best antivirus software, has scored 96%, so MacKeeper has beaten it up at this stage. But it could be even better.

What I didn’t like is that MacKeeper lacks some important protection features, for example, web protection or parental control. So, it’s quite paradoxical since it offers lots of other security and non-security tools for preventing malware and improving your Mac’s behavior.

ID theft guard that will track your data breaches, update tracker for keeping all your apps to date and preventing security gaps in them, the smart uninstaller for fully getting rid of unwanted programs, and duplicates finder that will help you to save up some space on your device – all of this and more comes with MacKeeper.

MacKeeper security features

MacKeeper is ready to offer you rich and useful security baggage. With it, you will hardly miss out on the system’s and personal data’s security gaps. In other words, you get to scan your device for malware any time you want, track data breaches over your online accounts, and even hide your browsing history from ISP.

Although it lacks some essential features that include ransomware and web protection, or parental control, its currently implemented features will definitely improve your Macs safety.

MacKeeper features

System scans

MacKeeper has implemented a system scan feature called Find & Fix. The tool within a click scans your Mac for viruses, security threats, junk files, and performance items that might be bothering your device.

MacKeeper system scanner

It can be a really useful feature that helps you to take a look at your overall security. And if a threat is detected, you can instantly take actions to get rid of it.

Antivirus scanner

On MacKeeper you may find this feature under the name Antivirus. With it, you will jump on a quest to detect any malicious data, malware, and viruses on your device.

MacKeeper antivirus

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to pick a quick scan, yet you can go for a custom scan that lets you choose what files you wish to scan. Alternatively, a full scan is available to detect malware on your Mac.

Also, MacKeeper doesn’t inform you on how many files got scanned, so you can never be sure whether your entire system got checked.

Update tracker

Each application update includes improved security of a program, so it’s crucial to keep all your apps up to date. With the Update tracker, you will make sure your applications have no security gaps that hackers could take advantage of as it monitors for the latest versions of most of your apps.

MacKeeper update tracker

It’s great to know that MacKeeper looks for new updates up to 5 times a day. And once the app that’s out of date is detected, you can go for the update within a click.

Also, you can create a list of those applications that you don’t want to update. That list is called the Do Not Update list – shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

Login item scanner

If your Mac takes longer to start, then it’s a good idea to check what programs start alongside. Login item scanner allows you to manage what apps should and shouldn’t run once you open your Mac.

MacKeeper login item scanner

Moreover, you won’t only limit the number of apps on start-up, but also you can detect potentially malicious programs with the help of a Login items scanner.

Potentially malicious programs at this point are the ones that you didn’t even know existed on your Mac and, obviously, didn’t want to run in the background. Often those programs are attachments from the apps that you have downloaded from unofficial sources and they can be dangerous. Consequently, stopping them might save you from a threat.

ID theft guard

Online identity’s theft might leave you with stolen sensitive information or money without even noticing it until it’s too late. But with the ID theft guard you will be informed about data breaches that might threaten you before the damage is done.

MacKeeper ID theft guard

It looks after your email address, passwords, credit card number, and even more. Plus, your sensitive information is monitored all the time and you receive an alert if it gets exposed.

Private connect (VPN)

It never feels great knowing that you are watched and tracked. Therefore, getting a built-in VPN that is going to hide your real IP address and encrypt your data will be a strong step towards improving your online privacy. As a result, no one will know about those kitten videos you like to watch.

MacKeeper VPN

MacKeeper’s VPN includes AES-256 encryption which is the strongest one out there and WebRTC and DNS leak protection. Plus, you can even choose from over 300 servers in 50 countries and some of the servers are optimized for P2P file sharing (you will be able to enjoy torrenting).


Adware is a tricky danger that easily jumps into your device and causes harm as viruses, malware, and, eventually, crashes your device. To avoid malicious ads an ad blocker is a must, hence MacKeeper offers you the feature called StopAD. With it, you will stop unwanted pop-ups, banners, and video ads from getting into your sight.

MacKeeper stopAD

StopAD is a browser extension that’s only available on Chrome and Safari. However, once the tool is installed on your browser, it will always run in the background automatically.

By enabling this feature, you both block ads and stop trackers from following your online activity.

Once you jump on the MacKeeper’s deck you get not only tools to fight against viruses, malware, and adware. But also features that will help you to get fully rid of unwanted software from your Mac, a memory cleaner that will increase your device’s speed, and even more.

Plans and pricing

With MacKeeper you have 4 subscription options to go for. Frankly, one of them is a free one, yet, with it, you may try out all the features only once. However, the same suite of security applies to every other subscription. The only differences are the length of subscriptions, the number of devices that are going to be protected, and, of course, the price.

Plan TypeFirst-year priceSubsequent years price
1-Month Plan (1 device)$16.95/month$16.95/month
12 Month Plan (1 device)$5.00/month, $60.00/year$5.95/month, $71.40/year
12 Month Family Plan (3 devices)$5.20/month, $62.40/year

Speaking of price, MacKeeper is somewhat expensive if you take a glance at what they offer and what other providers offer for the same or even a better price.

If you decide to join MacKeeper, you get the possibility to change your mind for 14 days with its money-back guarantee. This is quite a short term considering most of the providers give you 30 days. Yet, it’s still better than none. Also, let’s not forget the free version that you can benefit from by taking a glance at what the software looks like.

Is MacKeeper worth the money?

MacKeeper’s money worth depends on your needs. Although MacKeeper provides you with a decent amount of security tools that also work pretty well, it still lacks important features.

I mean, a web protection feature for keeping away from phishing and scam is becoming essential. Or email protection – we surely do receive more emails nowadays, even our grandmas send postcards over there. But what if a grandma accidentally sends you an infected attachment? Email protection would be a lifesaver here.

One more important thing to point out is that you can only protect Mac devices with MacKeeper. Therefore, a plan for 3 devices becomes even more expensive if you have only 2 Macs, for example.

And it seems to be unfair that your iOS is left out with it, while Intego - Mac users respected antivirus – offers its services for both Mac and iOS. So, the issue is that you are very limited with MacKeeper in terms of protecting your all essential gadgets.

All in all, MacKeeper is a proper choice for protecting your Mac device. It’s great to have software that is specifically designed for your OS, so you don’t get to use undeveloped features. And the interface is also attractive.

But keeping in mind that you miss out on important features while you could have that and even more with other Mac-dedicated antivirus programs for a reasonable price might be a good thing to do.

Ease of use and setup

A smooth beginning with a product is always expected. MacKeeper is not an exception.

The installation process with it is casual – something that you had definitely seen before. However, since macOS had interface changes itself, hence some application instructions don’t match the device’s features or buttons. Therefore, you can’t blindly trust MacKeeper’s instructions while installing the software.

After you install the program, there are two possible beginnings. With one of them, you get prompted to subscribe to a paid plan right from the application. A second one requires you to provide an activation code that you receive to your email after buying a subscription before downloading an app.

After you activate your subscription, almost all of the tools get enabled for you. Except for real-time protection and monitoring features that are easy to enable manually.

MacKeeper interface

MacKeeper is extremely user-friendly. It’s both intuitive and candy to the eye. Everything you would need for optimizing your device’s security and performance is placed in a way so you could easily spot and manage them.

All possible security tools are placed on the left side of the screen. And after you choose to enable a certain feature, it’s going to fill the rest of the screen, so you will clearly see what’s going on.

MacKeeper interface

However, I lacked some short explanations about the features inside of the application. It’s always going to take some time to learn what the feature is responsible for. Therefore, having an explanation would allow you to navigate through the app more smoothly.

Nevertheless, in case you need help from an expert, you are going to have easy access to him right from an app. Meaning, there is a specific section in the top right corner that offers you customer support. And you can also minimise the section if you are happy with the antivirus.

Overall, the experience with MacKeeper in terms of ease of use and the interface is fairly excellent. Everything is accessible fastly and easily. You don’t have to break a neck to find an important feature. What’s also great is that the program is well-designed. So, your time spent on it won’t only be helpful but also quite entertaining. Yet, keep in mind that if you decide to go for a free version, you will soon get prompted to upgrade to fully enjoy MacKeeper’s security.

Customer support

With MacKeeper you can choose from several customer support platforms: 24/7 live chat, email, FAQs, and MacKeeper community blog. And it’s fantastic to have options to pick from, yet, MacKeeper struggled to perform well via live chat and email.

To test its customer support, I contacted them through a live chat at first. To my surprise, the team responded very quickly. But the following experience wasn’t so good. The question I asked was about MacKeeper’s mobile application which, unfortunately, they couldn’t answer straightforwardly. And the further process of transferring to different agents was taking longer than expected.

MacKeeper customer support

Regarding MacKeeper’s email support the situation is quite similar, just the response comes not as fast (it might even take a few days). Although the agent answers you in a polite way, the answers are not very helpful. So, you might be left alone with no clear explanation.

Also, I would like to note that while I was chatting with an agent I have received a message saying that this time I won’t be charged for the help, alluding to the fact that next time customer support won’t be a free service.

Nonetheless, MacKeeper offers a great FAQ on its official website. I found it very detailed and helpful. Plus, you won’t need to pay for it after using it once.

How good is MacKeeper antivirus?

MacKeeper isn’t the best choice you could go for to defend your Mac device from viruses and malware. In spite of it offering a variety of useful features that can improve your device’s security and performance, it still needs to catch up on several vital antivirus tools. For example, malicious URLs and ransomware protection.

Moreover, MacKeeper ends up as an overpriced antivirus. The offered suite of security is not as good as it could be for this amount of money. And you are only able to protect your Mac device excluding every other OS.

You truly can find a better protection package for a better price at providers like Bitdefender or TotalAV that are top programs in the market. Besides, you can find more alternatives on our list of best antivirus software for Mac.

But if you are looking for a Mac-dedicated, nice-looking, and easy-to-use antivirus software – MacKeeper might be a good choice.


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