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Best NordVPN YouTuber codes with discounts in 2024

NordVPN YouTuber codes are exclusive discounts that help you get a high-quality VPN service much cheaper. Using a VPN, you can browse the internet without geo-restrictions and ensure complete privacy in cyberspace. Plus, you’re kept safe from malicious actors on public Wi-Fi networks and can bypass internet service provider (ISP) speed throttling when gaming or torrenting.

All of this can now be achieved for less with NordVPN YouTuber codes, protecting your online privacy for two whole years! Continue reading to find out everything about the best NordVPN YouTuber codes with discounts, how to get them, use them, and more.

How to get NordVPN’s YouTube code

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  1. Pick a YouTube content creator sponsored by NordVPN and copy their coupon code from any video. We suggest using our NordVPN discount code, which provides excellent value for money
  2. Select the subscription plan on NordVPN's website
  3. Apply the NordVPN YouTube sponsor code (done automatically via our link)
  4. Finalize the payment and enjoy safe browsing!

The best NordVPN YouTuber codes in 2024

NordVPN is known to sponsor a lot of well-known YouTubers, as it helps reach a wider audience. In turn, the viewers of these creators get unique codes to get NordVPN with a generous discount. Below is the list of channels where you can find all the YouTube creators and influencers that give NordVPN codes exclusively to their viewers:

Mark Rober@MarkRober
Top Tenz@ToptenzNettop10

What are NordVPN YouTuber codes

NordVPN YouTuber codes are exclusive NordVPN discounts for their sponsored YouTubers. Many internet users are still unaware of the importance of online safety and privacy. Sponsoring YouTubers is NordVPN's way of reaching broader audiences that could benefit from VPN protection.

Because Google isn't exactly a privacy-friendly enterprise, numerous YouTube stars genuinely recommend VPNs for their viewers' online safety. For example, PewDiePie recommends NordVPN and its Threat Protection feature to prevent malicious ads and trackers.

pewdiepie nordvpn deal

Meanwhile, Casey Neistat stresses the importance of IP obfuscation. NordVPN also sponsors Phil DeFranco and MrBeast, who highlight the ability to access a more open internet and worldwide content.

VPNs evolved rapidly over the last decade and right now stand equally alongside antiviruses and firewalls as an essential cybersecurity toolkit. NordVPN's collaboration with famous YouTubers illustrates the importance of online privacy and safety – a message that many YouTube professionals understand.

Cybernews NordVPN code

We suggest using the Cybernews discount code if you’re looking for a NordVPN deal but aren’t interested in supporting the YouTubers mentioned above. It provides the best NordVPN deal currently available, and the code applies automatically at checkout for added convenience.

You’ll find the code on any of our YouTube videos, such as the complete NordVPN review. The video covers everything you need to know about the market-leading VPN and what makes it such an excellent product. Crucially, we conduct thorough hands-on tests with every service we review to give viewers vital insights into the service.

PewDiePie NordVPN code

For over 4 years now PewDiePie has been using NordVPN as a reliable online security tool. A robust VPN is crucial for a person who lives from reviewing video games and spends heaps of time online. Hence, it’s difficult to bump into the YouTuber’s video without him saying good words about NordVPN. Usually, PewDiePie gives a spare minute to promote NordVPN during vlogs.

Except for the fact that one of the greatest YouTubers relies on NordVPN, it gets even better when PewDiePie has some burning NordVPN sponsor codes to share with viewers. Although NordVPN PewDiePie discounts rotate from time to time, they are always impressively generous, offering you over 50% off a subscription.

To get an existing NordVPN PewDiePie discount, all you have to do is head to the official NordVPN website, choose a subscription and type in the code where it asks you to type in a coupon code. Or you can get NordVPN right through PewDiePie’s channel and the coupon code will be applied automatically.

NordVPN Casey Neistat code

Casey Neistat, a storyteller, filmmaker, and famous YouTuber, has been using NordVPN since 2019. A widely respected vlogger has come to prominence following a rough path. He recognizes that staying secure virtually and in real life is somewhat essential. And there’s no better way to stay safe online than with NordVPN.

Since the YouTuber has chosen NordVPN as a cyber security tool to trust, it’s no surprise he collaborates with the VPN provider to help viewers stay protected too. Consequently, you can spot Casey Neistat NordVPN sponsor codes quite often when enjoying technical videos or personal life vlogs.

By typing his coupon code into NordVPN's coupon code section, you can get yearly subscriptions half off. The NordVPN sponsor code from Casey Neystat may give you a different deal a week from now, but it won’t be any worse.

MrBeast’s NordVPN code

If you are into expensive stunts and challenges, then MrBeast surely does move something inside you. This famous YouTuber with over 234M subscribers challenges himself daily with unique activities, such as spending 50 hours in Antarctica. But the significant fame has brought forth hackers seeking to threaten MrBeast and other popular YouTubers. Therefore, MrBeast has been using NordVPN since 2021. The VPN has been protecting him from snoopers and even infected downloads successfully.

Just like the YouTuber cares about his own online safety, he doesn’t skimp on recommending NordVPN for viewers as well. To do that even more effectively, he often uses precious minutes of his videos to promote the VPN service. During that time, you can hear about exclusive MrBeast NordVPN coupon codes that can give you the subscription plan for at least half of the price.

If you haven’t come upon a video where MrBeast speaks of NordVPN, then you may simply head to the official NordVPN website, select the subscription plan, and use his discount code to snatch the deal.

Philip DeFranco NordVPN code

Watching Philip DeFranco’s videos on YouTube allows people around the world to catch up with ongoing events in pop culture, politics, and other areas of life. With a passion for tense stories, the YouTuber has attracted 6.5M+ subscribers to his channel. Nevertheless, his fame has also attracted hackers’ interest in him. Hence, since 2018, Philip DeFranco has been using NordVPN as a trustworthy tool to protect his online data.

With interest in global scandals and news in general, Philip DeFranco has developed a strong understanding of how vulnerable our information is online. Consequently, the YouTuber actively encourages his viewers to use NordVPN too. The best motivation for fans is NordVPN Philip DeFranco sponsor codes which can offer you more than half off yearly subscriptions. Receiving market-leading VPN protection for a few pennies per month is definitely encouraging.

Apart from getting the deal automatically by following Philip DeFranco’s given NordVPN link under the video, you can use his discount code when subscribing to NordVPN via the official website.

How to find NordVPN's YouTuber codes

One neat thing about NordVPN YouTuber codes is that you support your content creator and get a top-notch cybersecurity tool simultaneously. However, if you didn't catch their exact discount code while watching the video, there are several ways to find a YouTuber's NordVPN code, and here's how:

  1. Go to their YouTube channel, and in the channel search bar, type NordVPN. It will show all videos that NordVPN sponsors, and you'll find the affiliate link in the description.
  2. Google the YouTuber's name and NordVPN keywords. Sometimes creators remove some videos from their YouTube channel, and you won't find the coupons there anymore. However, you can always find up-to-date and working NordVPN coupons here.
  3. You can go to NordVPN's Reddit channel and ask users there. There’s an active community that can usually help you out with anything, including sharing a specific YouTuber's NordVPN code.
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Why should you use a NordVPN's YouTuber discount code

There are good reasons to buy NordVPN through a YouTuber's code instead of directly purchasing on their website. Here's how you can benefit from using this method.

  • Get a better deal. YouTubers often receive exclusive deals. You can get a bigger discount to lower NordVPN's price below what you'd find on their website and get the maximum price-value ratio.
  • Get extra months free. As a cherry on top, NordVPN sometimes offers free extra months for the YouTubers' fans and followers. Check your favorite YouTube channel sponsored by NordVPN to verify what bonuses and discounts they got.
  • Support your YouTuber. NordVPN has an amazing affiliate program that many YouTubers rely upon for their income. Whether an established star with millions of followers or a growing channel of a few thousand, they make a part of the income from viewers' NordVPN purchases.

How do I get a NordVPN code to promote on YouTube?

NordVPN offers an elaborate affiliate program that's easy to get into. It can be a perfect opportunity to monetize your YouTube channel if your audience is interested in online safety. Here's a concise step-by-step guide on how to sign up:

  1. Go to NordVPN's application form
  2. Enter required details like channel URL and number of subscribers
  3. Add any additional comments if you feel they are important
  4. Upon successful registration, you'll get the links and promo material

You’ll also get contacts with a dedicated manager to assist with any technical issues or promotional advice.

Final thoughts

NordVPN YouTuber codes are an excellent way to get a professional cybersecurity tool at a more affordable price. With it, you’ll be able to surf the internet freely and bypass any geo-restrictions or censorship in your country. Not to mention that your data will be encrypted and kept safe from third-party eyes.

If technical information isn’t motivating you enough, perhaps knowing that the world’s most popular YouTubers, like PewDiePie or MrBeast, are NordVPN YouTube sponsors as well as NordVPN users? Plus, they don’t hesitate to share exclusive deals for the service too.

The current best NordVPN YouTube sponsor deal is that you can get 72% off the 2-year plan. So you’re not only supporting your favorite creator, you’re also getting a market-leading VPN for privacy.


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