Best VPNs for Firefox in 2024

If you use Mozilla Firefox and want to boost your online security, just using Private Browsing mode won't cut it. You need a VPN to safeguard your privacy while surfing the web. A VPN hides your online activities from your internet service provider (ISP) and encrypts your data, ensuring a private network.

However, not all Firefox VPN extensions are created equal. Some are just web proxies that don't encrypt your data. Some might even keep tabs on browsing history and sell your personal information. That's why picking a trustworthy provider is crucial to keeping yourself safe online. Thus, we tested and compiled a list for you to choose the best VPN extension for Firefox of 2024.

Best VPNs for Firefox in 2024

How to choose a VPN extension for Firefox?

With lots of choices out there, it's important to think about a few key things when you start searching for the best VPN for Firefox:

  • Dedicated Firefox extension. When looking for a VPN with a Firefox extension, make sure that your chosen VPN has a dedicated add-on. You can easily check it on the Mozilla ad-on store.
  • Server network. If you're into streaming, gaming, or watching sports from around the world, it's important for a VPN to have lots of servers. Check the server count each VPN offers to find the right fit for you.
  • Security. Prioritize a VPN with strong security features. Look for robust encryption protocols (such as OpenVPN). Extra features such as a kill switch, split tunneling, and DNS leak protection provide added security measures.
  • Privacy policy. Before choosing a VPN, make sure to review the VPN provider's privacy policy and ensure it has a strict no-logs policy. This means the VPN won't gather or keep any data about what you do online, giving you more privacy.
  • Compatibility. Check for VPNs compatibility with different Firefox versions. A good VPN should regularly update its extension to ensure compatibility with the latest browser updates. You can find all information about VPNs current version and new updates on Mozilla extension store in the section "More information".
  • Speed and performance. Try out the VPN's speed and performance using online tools like Make sure to test it during busy times too. A good VPN should give you steady speeds for smooth browsing and streaming.

Best VPN extensions for Firefox – detailed list

We’ve tested 42 reliable VPN for Firefox and have curated a list of our five favorites. We looked for VPNs with easy-to-use Firefox extensions, great security features, many servers in different countries and fast speeds.

1. NordVPN – best VPN extension for Firefox in 2024

NordVPN banner
Firefox extension:Yes
Based in: Panama
Servers/countries:6300 servers in 111 countries
Current deal:Get NordVPN, now up to 69% OFF + 3 months FREE!

NordVPN is the best VPN for Firefox. It effectively safeguards not only your online activities while using Mozilla but also the whole device. With its big server network, robust security features, and ability to access various streaming libraries, it's a solid pick.

NordVPN Firefox extension stands out because it works independently, without needing to set up the main app. This makes it lightweight and user-friendly, a quick alternative to a full VPN service.

NordVPN's extension encrypts traffic (using IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN), prevents IP leaks, and can connect automatically when you open Firefox. Moreover, it has lightning-fast speeds averaging 249Mbps, and excels at blocking malware and ads.

It operates over 6300 servers in 111 countries, effortlessly unblocking geo-restrictions on all tested streaming services.

NordVPN offers robust security features, including custom DNS, router connections, and split tunneling. Plus, you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

NordVPN pricing starts at just $3.09 per month, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark – top VPN for Firefox with the best price-to-quality ratio

Surfshark banner
Firefox extension: Yes
Based in: The Netherlands
Servers/countries: 3200 servers in 100 countries
Current deal:Get 85% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE

Surfshark is definitely one of the best VPNs for Firefox. It offers excellent value for money compared to NordVPN, with similar features at a lower price.

Its Firefox and Chrome extensions mirror the desktop app, providing easy server access.

Independently audited for security, Surfshark ensures privacy whether you use the app or add-on. For top-notch security, it relies on WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 VPN protocols, along with strong AES-256 encryption. Additionally, Surfshark service boasts robust security features like CleanWeb for ad and malware blocking.

With its WireGuard protocol, Surfshark maintains fast speeds, averaging 263Mbps for seamless surfing and streaming. Over 3200 servers in 100 countries unlock geo-restricted content on various platforms. Plus, Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connections, ideal for families.

Starting at just $2.29 per month, it's budget-friendly, with additional discounts available. And with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it risk-free.

3. Atlas VPN – fast and easy-to-use Firefox VPN

Atlas VPN banner
Firefox extension: No
Based in: United States
Servers/countries: 1000 servers in 42 countries
Current deal:Get Atlas VPN, now 86% OFF + 6 months FREE!

Atlas VPN is a fast and user-friendly VPN option for Firefox. This provider doesn’t offer a dedicated extension for Mozilla Firefox. However, it shines with solid security features, protecting all devices regardless of your browser.

Atlas VPN employs AES-256 encryption, ensuring high-level security for your data. Moreover, Atlas VPN offers a Shield feature to safeguard your online activities. Once activated, it blocks malicious websites on Firefox, protecting your device from malware and phishing attempts.

AtlasVPN features include a decent 1000 server selection and great speeds with the WireGuard tunneling protocol. So, you can enjoy a fast and stable connection when browsing Firefox.

Additionally, Atlas VPN can bypass location-based restrictions and unblocking popular streaming websites, such as American Netflix.

If you’re keen to try this VPN, the prices start from $1.64/month for unlimited simultaneous connections. Each subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. ExpressVPN – premium Firefox VPN

ExpressVPN banner
Firefox extension:Yes
Based in:British Virgin Islands
Servers/countries:3000+ servers in 105 countries
Current deal:Get ExpressVPN, now 49% OFF + 3 months FREE!

ExpressVPN is the top choice for users looking for a reliable VPN for Firefox.

Intuitive Firefox extension makes it a popular choice. You can easily control the application through the extension and set it to auto-connect when you open your browser.

ExpressVPN takes your online security seriously, using strong encryption like OpenVPN. It also has a kill switch, which is like a safety net – if the VPN connection drops, it cuts off your internet to keep you secure. What's cool is that ExpressVPN doesn't keep any logs of your online activities, respecting your privacy.

Additionally, ExpressVPN tests show excellent connection speeds. Various tunneling protocols, including its Lightway tunnel, keep connections fast and secure. It's also effective for bypassing geo-restrictions, as it offers 3000 server selection, granting access to major streaming services like Netflix.

Despite its starting price of $6.67/month, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for testing. Plus, our ExpressVPN discounts provide premium service at a discounted rate.

5. CyberGhost – VPN for Firefox with the largest server fleet

CyberGhost VPN banner
Firefox extension:Yes
Based in:Romania
Servers/countries:11500+ servers in 100 countries
Current deal:Get CyberGhost VPN, now 84% + 4 months FREE!

CyberGhost is a robust VPN extension for Firefox, boasting a vast server fleet.

When it comes to security, along with the advanced tunneling protocol, this VPN also uses industry-leading encryption to make your traffic unreadable. And while the kill switch feature protects your IP address at all times, an independently audited no-logs policy guarantees complete privacy.

CyberGhost service is an ideal choice as a Firefox VPN worldwide, boasting over 11500 servers across 100 countries for fast, reliable connections anywhere. Its use of the WireGuard tunneling protocol ensures minimal impact on initial connection speeds while maintaining security.

Beyond security, CyberGhost excels at bypassing geo-blocks and offers specialized servers for gaming, torrenting, and streaming.

Despite its impressive features, it remains one of the most affordable options, starting at just $2.03/month, offering excellent value for money. Plus, you can test it out risk-free with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Other Firefox VPN extensions that we tested

We've tested several other VPN providers and reviewed their privacy policies. However, they didn't make it to our top list due to their low-end security features. Here are some of the providers we have also checked:

  • Browsec, in its privacy policy, mentions that it collects user data but assures that it neither uses nor sells it to third-party services. Although it's not based in any of the 14 Eyes countries, it operates from Russia, which is known for not being privacy-friendly.
  • Touch VPN openly states that it gathers user data. Additionally, Touch VPN is owned by a US-based company, subjecting it to 5-eyes jurisdiction.
  • Hoxx VPN isn't the most secure choice either. The highest level of encryption you'll get is 4096-bit RSA, which is very outdated. Additionally, Hoxx VPN logs a lot of user data.
  • Mozilla VPN shows strong privacy commitments, but it actually lacks security features and didn't perform well during our speed tests. We experienced connection problems and even struggled to unlock popular streaming sites effectively.

How we selected and tested these Firefox VPNs

When choosing VPNs for our list, we tested VPNs in several situations:

  1. We checked the Firefox extension store to make sure the VPNs we chose had dedicated add-ons. We also looked into their updates and releases to ensure they're constantly updating their features to deal with new threats and maintain security.
  2. We tested each Firefox extension ourselves to see how they function and whether their tools inside the browser were clear and didn't confuse anyone.
  3. Using online tools like, we tested each VPN's speed with a dedicated extension on.
  4. To test the streaming capabilities of VPN extensions, we connected to various servers to unlock different Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime libraries.
  5. To ensure that the VPN for Firefox is safe and secure, we thoroughly examined their privacy policies. We searched online for any reports of previous data leaks. We selected VPNs with robust AES-256 encryption and extra security features to safeguard your browsing traffic on Firefox.

How to set up a VPN for Firefox?

Setting a VPN extension for your Firefox browser is a great step towards secure browsing. If you want to know how to simply set it up, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN on a Firefox add-on store. We recommend NordVPN – now 69% OFF
  2. Click Add to Firefox to install the extension
  3. When prompted, click Add and Okey to allow the application to run in a private window
  4. When the VPN logo appears on the toolbar, click on it and set up the VPN account
  5. Connect to a preferred country or server, and you’re ready to surf the net safely!

Does Firefox have a built-in VPN?

No, Firefox doesn’t have a built-in VPN. Mozilla offers a separate product called Mozilla VPN. You can use it alongside the private Firefox Browser to safeguard your connection on Wi-Fi and protect your IP address.

However, we suggest considering other VPN extensions for Firefox because Mozilla VPN lacks strong security features, has limited server locations, and isn't as effective at unblocking content. Additionally, we were worried because previous reports from the independent audit company Cure53 found vulnerabilities in Mozilla VPN's security. Instead, we strongly recommend using one of our tested VPNs, like NordVPN, to be sure your personal information is safe and secure.


To safeguard your privacy online while using Firefox, it's a good idea to use a reliable VPN extension. They tend to be much more lightweight than traditional VPN desktop apps, so they have plenty of advantages. It uses up fewer resources and offers faster connections, and it can use a different browser for regular, direct connections.

The best VPN for Firefox is NordVPN, because it provides robust security features, many servers, and it's user-friendly even for beginners.

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Would you recommend the same vpn for Firefox for pc and mobile? I'm looking for mobile friendly option
CyberNews Team
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Hello! All the VPNs mentioned on our list are mobile-friendly, especially NordVPN and Surfshark. You can also use them on your PC.
prefix 2 years ago
So if I want to be anonymous I need vpn for firefox? How is it different from guest mode? Will it save my browsing history? Thanks for helping me!! It's a difficult topic to understand
CyberNews Team
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Hello! Here's the deal - when you use the incognito mode of a browser, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can still see what kind of websites you've visited (even though you can't see them in your browser history). However, a VPN makes your search history unreadable to the ISP, making your internet activity truly anonymous.
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