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Hostpapa review – the right option for hosting your site?

HostPapa Review

HostPapa is a web hosting company based in Canada. It started out in 2006 and has since gone on to host more than half a million websites worldwide

HostPapa’s hosting service is mostly suited to beginner websites and small-to-midrange businesses aiming to create an online presence. Beginners will find the Hostpapa cPanel interface easy to use, and the 24/7 support is really helpful if you have a query. 

While HostPapa does indeed cater to a global customer base, the company takes pride in its Canadian heritage and offers ca. domain registration, so it might be of extra interest for Canadian sites. 

So, is HostPapa the right hosting platform for you? Find out everything you need to know in our in-depth review.

Overall score3.4Great hosting solution for small sites
Ease of use★★★Easy to use HostPapa cPanel interface
Features★★★Good features and add-ons but some cost extra
Pricing★★★Affordable, plenty of plans to suit different needs, but on 3-year plans
E-commerce★★★Good option for small-to-midrange ecommerce sites
Help and support★★★★★24/7 HostPapa support


  • HostPapa cPanel is easy to use and intuitive
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Green host solution
  • Security features keep data safe
  • 24/7 HostPapa support


  • Only really suitable for small websites
  • Price plans start cheap but are costly on renewal
  • Need to pay extra for automated site backups
  • No monthly payment option
  • Add-ons can get expensive

Should you host your website with HostPapa?

Why choose HostPapa?

HostPapa has an extremely good uptime score of 99.9% over the last 12 months. 

It offers free website migration, so you can easily port over your current website. It has a superb 24/7 support system in place that offers around-the-clock live chat and phone, as well as extensive resources, including articles and video tutorials. 

You get a free domain name, and can add security features, like an SSL certificate. And on top of that, there are additional perks, like the HostPapa drag-and-drop website builder

While it might not be suitable for big businesses and complex sites, if you are a beginner launching a first website project or a small business looking for a useful hosting solution, HostPapa is a good choice. 

Pricing options

HostPapa offers a range of hosting solutions that can fit different types of websites and projects. Shared web hosting is HostPapa’s main service. With shared hosting, your website essentially lives on a server along with many other websites. Think of it like renting a flat in an apartment block. 

HostPapa also offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans, and these are more suited to larger website operations as they come with more resources and power. 

If you have a WordPress site, you can go for the WordPress hosting plans, and if you want to become a reseller, go for the reseller plans. 

Shared web hosting

The Starter plan costs $3.95 a month on a three-year plan and lets you host two websites. You will also get access to a basic website builder, 100 email addresses, a free domain name, unmetered bandwidth,100GB SSD storage, SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, and website migration. 

The Business plan currently also costs $3.95 a month (it’s currently on offer at time of writing) on a three-year plan and gives you some additional benefits, such as hosting for unlimited websites, unlimited email addresses, and unlimited SSD storage. 

The Business Pro plan gives you everything you get in the Business Plan, as well as 6x speed and performance, and an advanced suite of security features. It will set you back $12.99 a month on a three-year plan. 

FeaturesStarterBusinessBusiness Pro
Number of sites you can host2UnlimitedUnlimited
DomainFree domain registrationFree domain registrationFree domain registration
SSL certificateYesYesYes, Wildcard SSL 
SSD space100GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of email addresses100UnlimitedUnlimited
Unmetred bandwidthYesYesYes
Website builderStarter builderStarter builderBusiness builder
Essential featuresYesYesYes
Advanced featuresNoYesYes
6x speed and performanceNoNoYes
Enhanced security suiteNoNoYes

If you are anticipating a lot of traffic to your site, you might be better off seeking another option, such as VPS hosting.

VPS hosting

A VPS plan gives you considerably more power than a shared hosting service. You will get more storage, memory, transfers, and computing power. 

While a VPS is not strictly your own dedicated server, it gives you a close equivalent for less money. Dedicated servers can be quite expensive. But with a VPS, you can still enjoy more resources and space for your site than you would get from a shared host. It’s a better option for a site that expects a lot of traffic, like a complex e-commerce site. 

CPU core448812
SSD space60GB125GB250GB500GB1TB
Data transfer1TB2TB2TB4TB8TB
Essential featuresYesYesYesYesYes

WordPress hosting

HostPapa’s WordPress hosting option is perfect if you want to build a WordPress site. You get shared hosting, as well as a fully configured WordPress CMS, and various WordPress plugins. These features will help you to easily build a WordPress site.

You will also get features, including a free domain registration, email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, SSD storage, and cPanel control panel. 

WordPress hosting plans also come with Jetpack preinstalled, which gives you added features, such as social posting and marketing, optimized pages, faster load times, and protection from malware. You also get customizable themes, content tools, and image features to improve the look of your site. 

FeaturesWP StarterWP BusinessWP Business Pro
Number of sites you can host2UnlimitedUnlimited
DomainFree domain registrationFree domain registrationFree domain registration
SSL certificateYesYesYes, premium Wildcard SSL 
SSD space100GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of email addresses100UnlimitedUnlimited
Unmetred bandwidthYesYesYes
JetpackYesYesYes, premium 
Essential WordPress featuresYesYesYes
Advanced WordPress featuresNoYesYes
Premium WordPress featuresNoNoYes

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting gives you the chance to set up a digital business of your own. With a reseller hosting plan, you basically buy bandwidth and SSD storage, which you can then sell in chunks to other buyers.

CPU core44888
SSD space50GB100GB150GB200GB250GB
Number of cPanel accounts204060100150
Free SSL certificatesYesYesYesYesYes
Essential featuresYesYesYesYesYes
Free billing and automation suiteNoNoYesYesYes

Webmail solutions

HostPapa offers webmail solutions, so that you can match your email address to your website. This is useful for small businesses and will help you manage your messages and connect from wherever you are. 

HostPapa email

HostPapa Business Email

HostPapa’s Basic email plan is ideal for blog sites, or entrepreneurs working on their own or with one other person. You get the professionalism of your site’s own email, as well as cloud storage, IMAP, and unlimited mobile connections. You also get file sharing, contacts list, calendar, and mail security, including anti-spam and anti-malware. 

HostPapa’s Advanced email plan is more suited to teams that work collaboratively.  You get the same features as the Basic plan, as well as more cloud storage, calendar sharing options, and file sharing to help a team work together and stay organized. 

Both plans are compatible with Microsoft Outlook. 

Security & protection features

Cyber security is very important, and certainly something you should consider when launching a new website. Aside from things like SSL certificates, there are other features you can add for extra security. HostPapa offers Protection Power and Site Lock features. 

Protection Power

Protection Power from HostPapa helps to keep your site safe from cyberattacks. It is a suite of security features that should give you and your site visitors extra confidence. 

Protection Power plans cover everything from small sites to a network of e-commerce stores and include: malware detection, malware scans, security alerts and notifications, site vulnerability scans, and content delivery section

Site lock

Site Lock gives you extra protection from malware and hackers. It puts up a firewall to block hackers, and it instantly detects and removes malware if it finds its way onto your site. And with a Site Lock Seal on your site, visitors can use your services securely and with confidence that their data is safe. 

In-depth HostPapa review

HostPapa features

Now, let’s take a look at some of HostPapa’s core functions, including speed, usability, support options and more important features to help you decide if it’s the right hosting platform for your website

Interface and HostPapa cPanel – how does it look?

HostPapa cPanel interface

HostPapa’s interface control panel runs on cPanel. Intuitive and easy to navigate, cPanel is great for beginners, who will be able to find features and manage settings with ease. cPanel has a range of features to help you manage your folders and files, organize your domains, and configure your DNS records.

Impressive speed and server response times

The last thing you want is a slow website. Although it is based in Canada, HostPapa delivers very impressive server response times around the world.

Websites on HostPapa’s Canadian server have an average speed time of 121.7 ms, wherever you are in the world. HostPapa’s European server is really fast too, with an average global speed of 143 ms on its Amsterdam server. 

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Uptime refers to how long your site stays online for. Taking into account factors like necessary server maintenance, 100% uptime isn’t possible for any host. However HostPapa offers the next best thing – a guarantee of 99.9% uptime for any and every site it hosts

Data center locations

HostPapa is based in Canada, but it caters for websites all over the world. It has data centers in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. This helps it maintain its fast speeds for global hosting customers. 

Automated backups – how do they work?

Keep your site safe with HostPapa’s automated website backup, which gives your website up to seven save points that can be restored at any time. So, if something goes wrong or you need to revert back to a previous version, you have a good number of previous iterations to pick from. This is an excellent way to ensure your data is safe and nothing is accidently lost. 

Drag drop website builder

HostPapa Website Builder

HostPapa also offers a drag-and-drop website builder that’s easy to use and ideal for people who have limited tech skills. Even beginners can get a site built thanks to HostPapa’s website builder. You just pick a template – there are more than 100 to choose from – pull over content blocks, add copy and images and you’ll soon have a site built. 

Domain names

A domain name is the extension at the end of your web address. (URL). You can have a classic domain like .com or .co.uk, or a newer option like .org. You can even have something more specific to your site like .club. You can transfer over an existing domain name when you host your site on HostPapa and register a domain for free. You will also have the option to buy a domain name through HostPapa, with prices varying depending on the name. 

Free site migration

HostPapa makes migrating your site easy. It can transfer your website from any existing provider with all your data, including email, scripts, and site files. HostPapa’s migration experts will help you complete the process too, so you can keep downtime to a minimum and get everything moved over smoothly. 

30-day money-back guarantee

If you decide for any reason that HostPapa isn’t for you, you are free to cancel the service up to 30 days from the start of your subscription. All you have to do is notify HostPapa that you want to cancel within the 30-day period, and they will cancel your subscription and refund your cash. However, your refund may be minus any domain, setup or transfer fees you might have incurred. 

Green web hosting

Green web hosting

HostPapa is a green host. This means that it balances out its energy use with renewable energy credits, which helps with the development of solar power and wind energy solutions. So, if you are an environmentally conscious or ethical business, this could be another reason to host your site with HostPapa. 

HostPapa’s excellent 24/7 customer support

HostPapa's customer support options

HostPapa is on hand via telephone and live chat 24 hours, 7 days a week to help with any queries and questions you might have. Alternatively, you can get in touch via email, open a support ticket, check out a video tutorial or consult one of HostPapa’s 2,539 articles. 

Does HostPapa offer multi-language support?

If you don’t speak English and you need some help with your HostPapa service, don’t worry as HostPapa offers telephone support in four different languages. You can speak to them in  English, German, Spanish and French. These four languages cover 18 countries around the world adding to HostPapa’s global appeal. 

HostPapa alternatives

HostPapa certainly offers a great service for small sites and small businesses. But whenever you’re picking a hosting service, or a website builder or anything that will help your project get online, it’s always worth shopping around and scoping out a couple of alternatives. 


Bluehost has been offering hosting solutions for over 20 years and has more than 2 million sites on its servers, it’s certainly one of the biggest names on the hosting market.  

Bluehost impresses with its reliability, security features, speed and value for money. Its plans start at $2.75 per month for a Basic plan. Just like HostPapa, Bluehost also offers WordPress plans too, as well as apps from the Mojo marketplace and a cPanel interface. You also get a free SSL certificate. 

Bluehost has a web builder that’s powered by Weebly, which is an excellent website builder. It’s a basic browser version of Weebly, but is still a decent part of the overall package. Weebly is incredibly easy to use, so if you want to build a site as well as find a hosting solution, this could be a great option for beginners. 

Pick Bluehost over HostPapa if: you need to host more complex websites. 


Hostinger is another big name in web hosting, with more than 30 million people using its services. 

Hostinger keeps its prices down and its service reliable by keeping its tech in house. For instance, instead of using cPanel, it offers its own control panel interface. This helps Hostinger maintain performance and also keep its costs down. 

An area where Hostinger stands out is cloud storage. It offers hosting plans focused on cloud storage. They come with SSD storage, up to 300 websites, unlimited bandwidth, CPU cores RAM, and SSL certificates. Depending on how much power and storage you need, opt for Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, or Cloud Global. 

Pick Hostinger over HostPapa if: you need a lot of cloud storage. 

The bottom line – what do we think of HostPapa?

All in all, HostPapa is a solid hosting option for smaller sites and businesses. As well as its shared hosting plans, it offers VPS, reseller and WordPress hosting at reasonable prices. You also get a domain name, content delivery network, email options and site security that can all be added on. 

HostPapa also wears its green hosting badge proudly and, with many people seeking a more ethical way of life, this is certainly a plus for the company. 

Within its services you’ll find more than enough to accommodate your needs if your site project is a personal blog or if you’re starting out online with a small business. You even get handy features like a basic website builder and site backups. 

However, if you have grander plans, such as more complex websites or a number of e-commerce stores, you might be better suited with a dedicated server so that your sites can always handle a higher volume of traffic. 

Or perhaps you want a hosting service that has more of a complex site builder? HostPapa’s builder is quite basic, so if this is what you want to focus on another service might be more suitable. 

But if you’re just looking to host a small site, HostPapa will give you a great start and a foundation to get your online project underway


What happened to Lunarpages?

Lunarpages was bought by HostPapa back in 2019. All existing customers still have access to their files, data, emails and support. Sites that were previously hosted on Lunarpages are still kept on servers in the United States. 

Is HostPapa any good?

HostPapa is a good hosting service that offers a great option for small businesses and sites. It’s affordable and has a selection of features that make it an attractive hosting solution. It also has an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, as well as security features, email, and its own website builder. 

Is HostPapa a Canadian company?

Yes, HostPapa is a Canadian web hosting company. It was founded in 2006 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada by Jamie Opalchuck. It caters to sites all over the world and has hosted over 500,000 websites since it started out. 

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