A glitch in the Revolut banking app sparked fears of a hack

Users complained their in-app profile picture changed to one showing a random person, causing speculations over a hacking attempt.

Numerous social media users thought that someone had hacked their Revolut account. The key reason for that - a stranger’s photo in the banking app.

“Does anyone in the UK have the same weird issue? Me and my gf we both have this stranger man on our profile pictures in the app,” Reddit user anonek-97 wrote.

“But this is scary!! I tried to reach out Revolut help desk, but as I am not a premium user, I haven’t found a way to contact them. Does anyone else have a similar experience? Is the app safe?” ThinkSatisfaction909 asked.

“Photo of Stranger on my Revolut App login page: am I being hacked?” Reddit user Clean-Web-7276 asked on the social media platform.

It turns out that thousands of people worldwide saw their in-app profile picture change to show the same unidentified man.

Revolut users, scared their accounts might have been hacked, flooded the app’s social media page demanding answers.

Official company Twitter account posted an apology, claiming that a bug responsible for the issue was discovered.

“Please log out and log in again to restore your picture. You may also have to replace your image to restore it. We apologise for any inconvenience!” reads the Twitter post.

Revolut claims to have over 15 million personal customers in over 35 countries worldwide. The company launched its services in the USA last year. Valued $33 billion, Revolut is considered to be the most valuable UK's fintech startup.

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