French underwear seller Le Slip Français hacked

French high-quality underwear company Le Slip Français has announced a data breach, with some of its customer data being stolen.

“Following a malicious cyber attack that we were victims of, on April 15th, we became aware that some personal data of our customers was unfortunately stolen by hackers,” the company stated on its website.

Le Slip Français is a French online retailer selling high-quality underwear, swimwear, and accessories, and it boasts 100% French origin for its products.

The company assures that no information regarding customer account passwords or payment card data was affected by the incident.

“The attack is contained, and we are closely monitoring the situation to detect any potential fraud and inform our users if necessary,” the company said.

The company also reported the incident to the French Data Protection Authority CNIL and other judicial authorities.

Troy Hunt, a security consultant who runs the data breach search website Have I Been Pwned, noted on X that the leaked data appeared on a popular hacking forum five days ago. The data was posted by a threat actor under the moniker shopifyGUY, who was also responsible for the Giant Tiger Canada leak last week.

The threat actor claimed that the leaked data included 696,144 customer details, such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, physical addresses, purchases, and 1,506,395 emails in total.

Hunt believes the hacker’s alias hints at leaked Shopify keys.

“I'm told the JSON format these breaches all appear in is consistent with that, so it stands to reason that's the common vector for all these breaches,” Hunt posted on X.

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