Katy Perry's AI-generated image at the Met Gala confuses her own mother

Deepfake images of Katy Perry at this year's Met Gala are gaining a lot of attention online, and people are falling for it.

Various images have surfaced of Katy Perry supposedly attending this year’s Met Gala. However, the singer was never really there, as the images were generated with AI.

Even Perry’s own mother was convinced by the photos, stating that Perry looked like “the Rose Parade” in a text to the singer, according to Business Insider.

In one of the pictures, Perry is pictured in a plunging floor-length dress adorned with flowers and butterflies. The deepfake is really convincing, and it has fooled many people online.

X users commented on the deepfake, saying they had fallen for the image at first glance.

More pictures of the singer began to surface. Many X users commented on this image, saying that it was also fake.

Under each image, X has added a disclaimer stating that the images are AI-generated and that they are not real.

The singer even responded to the image by reposting it on Instagram with the caption, “Couldn’t make it, had to work.”

This isn’t the first time that altered images of celebrities at events have surfaced across X and other platforms.

A video of artist Taylor Swift holding a pro-Trump banner was circulated on X after the Grammys.

The video shows Taylor Swift holding a sign that reads, “Trump Won, Democrats Cheated.”

This year, Taylor Swift, like other celebrities, has felt the full force of deepfake technology, as their likeness has been used on various occasions, supposedly without consent.

One non-consensual deepfake image of Swift surfaced on X and amassed almost 47 million views back in January.

Deepfakes have risen dramatically in recent years and are being used for various nefarious purposes, from committing fraud to sharing non-consensual images.

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