Largest illegal German-speaking platform taken down

Dubbed Crimemarket, Germany’s largest illegal online platform, mainly trading drugs and weapons, has been taken down by police.

With over 180,000 registered users, the platform was a go-to place for those seeking money laundering services and instructions on cybercrime.

Users could access the platform freely via both darknet and clearnet.

Over 100 search warrants were executed nationwide on February 29th. Law enforcement arrested three people, including the 23-year-old main suspect, at his home in Korschenbroich (the Rhine district of Neuss). Three more people were arrested in police measures in other federal states.

The police seized an unspecified number of cellphones, IT devices, and data carriers, as well as some narcotics, including one kilogram of marijuana, various ecstasy tablets, and 600,000 euros in cash.

The police also confiscated the domain name.

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