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Gintaras Radauskas

Gintaras Radauskas

Gintaras Radauskas is a Senior Journalist at Cybernews.

He started working as a journalist while taking media studies at university almost two decades ago, reporting on sports before transferring to foreign news, international politics, and Lithuanian foreign policy. He worked at national daily Lietuvos Rytas as a reporter and editor, before moving to work at news website 15min.

After a brief stint at a PR agency, Gintaras decided to return to journalism, his true passion. He believes journalists must always look out of the window before looking in the mirror, because news is not a narcissistic and selfish business. Gintaras strives to inform the public – because a well-informed society is a better, freer one.

Gintaras spends his spare time taking care of his young daughter, reading non-fiction, fantasy, true crime and politics, and watching his beloved Tottenham Hotspur play football, a subject he also podcasts about.