VPN brand brings transparent toilet to the streets of London

VPN provider Surfshark has set up transparent toilets in popular areas of London to raise awareness of online safety and privacy.

The advertising stunt shows an individual sitting on a transparent toilet in a truck with the words “How much are you willing to share?” and “Why are you willing to share your data but not this?” plastered on the side.

The small print on the truck states, “Your privacy matters #PrivacyFirst with Surfshark VPN.

In a LinkedIn post shared by Surfshark, the “toilet” truck can be seen from all angles. It is shown on London’s iconic Tower Bridge and in front of what seems to be office spaces.

The post reads, “How much are you willing to share? The newest Surfshark stunt, delivered by the Brand Activation team from the streets of London.”

The stunt aims to raise awareness about individuals' online privacy and the willingness of people to post their most intimate moments online.

In a post on X, Surfshark said that their latest campaign in London is set to “challenge your thinking about online privacy. Why do people share their personal data online without a second thought, but they don’t share other intimate aspects of their daily lives?”

This transparent toilet is meant to “urge caution” surrounding the revealing of personal information online.

According to Surfshark, “Approximately 6.5 billion unique user accounts have unwittingly shared their data, subsequently leaked online,” and the UK is the seventh most breached nation globally over the past 20 years.

Furthermore, roughly 238 million passwords were leaked along with British accounts, leaving 74% of those breached vulnerable to an account takeover.

The campaign is set to warn those who share too much of their lives online to rethink what they post and how much data they share.

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