Wendy’s franchise exposed via payroll breach

The Massachusetts-based Wendy‘s franchise had its human resources platform breached, exposing personal details.

Fashion Food, operating multiple Wendy‘s outfits around Massachusetts, has contacted individuals affected in the March 11th breach. According to the company, someone accessed its Paycor account.

The Wendy’s operator said that it used Paycor, an HR software provider, for payroll management services. A subsequent investigation revealed unauthorized access to the Paycor account between March 11th and March 12th.

“While in our Paycor account, the unauthorized users accessed your personally identifiable information (“PII”),” reads the company’s letter to affected individuals.

The company did not reveal which details the attackers may have accessed. We’ve reached out for clarification but have yet to receive a reply before publishing.

However, at the very least, PII includes names and surnames. Given that the company employed Paycor for payroll management, individuals’ Social Security numbers and home addresses could also be exposed.

To mitigate potential risks, Fashion Foods said it would provide impacted individuals with two years of complimentary credit monitoring services.

Fashion Foods is a franchise of Wendy‘s, among the world‘s largest fast food chains, with over 7,000 locations globally.