X puts Japanese residents at risk amid tsunami and earthquake warnings

NERV, the Japanese disaster prevention app, is facing posting issues on X after tsunami warnings in areas of Japan following an earthquake that hit the country.

NERV's disaster prevention account warns almost two million users of potential earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Due to new limitations set after Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the necessary prevention app can no longer post on X.

The earthquake that hit central Japan had a magnitude of 7.6, leaving 48 dead and triggering tsunami warnings.

NERV posts accurate information that aids in disaster prevention. X’s platform can amplify this information to be seen by millions of people. NERV’s account is frequently updated.

Due to limitations on the number of updates allowed by X, users are forced to look for a new avenue to access potentially lifesaving information.

“Our accounts appear to have been rate-limited due to the frequent posting of information updates regarding the Ishikawa earthquake and tsunami,” NERV stated in a recent post.

According to media outlets, NERV falls under X’s $100 per month ‘Basic’ API plan, which allows the account to post 100 times in 24 hours.

Upgrading to a different API would cost NERV $5000, leaving the company at a loss.

However, NERV has developed an application to help spread preventative information regarding natural disasters.

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