X no longer works on Firefox with privacy feature enabled

Twitter.com domain now automatically redirects to X.com. Mozilla Firefox users can no longer access social network X (former Twitter) if they have Enhanced Tracking Protection enabled.

Firefox users who care for their privacy now are greeted with this message on X:

“Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (Strict Mode) is known to cause issues on X.com.”

The provided “Try again” button does not work and just brings the same screen. For now, one option is to disable the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature for X.com at the cost of some privacy.

Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection automatically blocks trackers that follow users online and collect information about their browsing habits and interests, it also protects against harmful scripts. The blocked scrips include social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, fingerprinters, crypto miners, and other tracking content.

Mozilla says it does that “without breaking site functionality.” However, the privacy feature has now crashed the X website.

While complaints started piling up on X, some users noted that the issue may be unintentional.

“They have just changed their domain to X(dot)com, and probably referring some resources from older twitter domain. Hence the strict tracking protection fails on Firefox,” one developer explained.

Firefox support responded with a message saying they were aware of the issue.

Our team is working on a fix at the moment. In the meantime, disabling Enhanced Tracking Protection or changing it from Strict should fix this issue temporarily,” the Firefox team posted on X.

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