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Free AI, Cybersecurity Training by Google

(BARCELONA, SPAIN, 10 May 2024) — On April 26, 2024, Google launched a new “AI Essentials” course on the acclaimed online learning platform, Coursera. This comes nearly a year after the May 4, 2023 release of a free eight-course certificate, the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate.

The availability of this highly specific training is of special interest to job-seekers. Since ChatGPT became widely available on November 30, 2022, AI tools and resources have been a regular part of business in almost every industry. Cybersecurity threats have likewise become ubiquitous. Job-seekers can enhance their employability by completing these courses and including them in their resume certification section. After completion, students will also receive a shareable certificate to include in their LinkedIn profile.

Both programs are designed for beginner-level users with no prior experience required. The flexibility of online learning allows users to set their own schedule and learn at their own pace—an essential aspect for mid-career upskilling.

Google AI Essentials contains five modules and 12 assessments and can be completed in under 10 hours. Topics include AI fundamentals, productivity tools, prompt engineering, and responsible use. While AI Essentials is a paid course, it can be accessed with a seven-day free trial of Coursera Plus. Financial aid is also available.

The Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity practices and their impact on organizations. Students will be empowered to identify common threats and learn the basics of protecting data, devices, and even the human element from cyber attacks. They will acquire hands-on experience using SQL, Python, and Linux. This course is currently being offered free for all registered Coursera users.

In addition to enhanced hireability, these courses can serve as a gateway to new career options or internal promotions. Companies across industries are experiencing increasing demand for technologically literate employees in cybersecurity and tech-adjoining positions. Students may discover a profound interest in artificial intelligence and/or cybersecurity, prompting further study and career growth.

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