4chan user claims to have hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account

Contents allegedly leaked from Hunter Biden’s iPhone and iPad backups were posted on 4chan. The Secret Service says it is “aware” of the supposed hack.

An anonymous user posted the data on 4chan’s main political forum known for its primarily conservative following, claiming it contained images, videos, and voice recordings from Biden’s compromised devices.

It set the community afire as users went into overdrive to try and dissect the data dump before the site’s administrators pulled the plug and removed many of the posts, some of which included graphic images. Vice reported that at least some of the photos did not previously appear on the internet.

While the leak’s authenticity is still in question, the Secret Service said in a statement to NBC News that it was “aware” of online posts but “are not in a position to make public comments on potential investigative actions.”

The alleged hack comes two years after the New York Post reported it had obtained a laptop President Joe Biden’s son left at a repair shop in Delaware. It allegedly contained emails between Hunter and his dad and pictures of drug use and sexual activity.

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