Amazon's top AI-inspired jobs of the future

Amazon says it will teach you the AI skills needed to fulfill the top machine learning (ML) based jobs of the future – and all for free. What do these jobs actually entail? Cybernews sums up the AI-inspired job descriptions.

E-commerce giant Amazon on Monday released its list of the top AI-enabled jobs of the future, all part of Amazon’s newest initiative to help grow a much needed AI-skilled workforce.

The list of far-out job titles, such as Cosmic Reality Engineer and Virtual Tourism Producer, may surprise you, others such as AI-assisted nurse and AI Safety Supervisor are much more expected.

With AI still in its infancy, the current need for AI-skilled workers, like its technology and cybersecurity brethren, is already in a deficit, according to most experts.

“Now is the time to explore how next-gen technologies will create new roles and enhance existing job opportunities in the workforce of tomorrow, and we will need people at every stage of the process,” said Tracey Follows, CEO of Futuremade, a strategic foresight firm.

AI medical, nurse, healthcare
AI-assisted nursing is predicted to be an in-demand job of the future. Image by - Yuri A | Shutterstock.

Follows – who assisted Amazon in creating the list of future AI positions – believes the latest career predictions “can help plant the seeds for innovation across every industry, including new career clusters and pathways that don’t exist today.”

In fact, in December, an Amazon study on AI transformation in the workplace, found 73% of employers were unable to find talent qualified to fill the AI-positions they currently wanted to.

Additionally, Amazon studies found individuals with AI talent can expect to earn a 47% larger salary compared to workers without any AI skills.

The new ‘AI Ready’ initiative plans to give free AI skills training to 2 million people, both students and adults, by end of 2025.

Amazon already funds STEM learning programs and AI generative scholarships for students kindergarten through college.

Top predicted AI jobs in next 15 years

From agriculture to health care to entertainment, the future predictions span a variety of industries.

Though some of the titles may change as HR departments adapt to the new normal, here are the top five future AI related jobs, according to Amazon and Follows.

  1. The Precision Farming Analyst will utilize AI-generated science-based data to revolutionize the agriculture and farming industry by improving food production, crop selection, and allocation of resources such as water and fertilizer. AI robots will become the new farmhands, monitoring crops in real-time.
  2. The Virtual Tourism Producer is expected to create and curate immersive virtual reality (VR) travel experiences to market destinations, regions, cultures, and activities using AI.
  3. The Artisanal Restoration Specialist will use AI to repair and restore luxury goods, such as couture fashion and antique furniture, sourcing original materials and using techniques that maintain the item’s original aesthetic, historical significance, and value.
  4. The Cosmic Reality Engineer is described as an expert in interstellar studies (astrophysics, cosmology, and astronomy) who will translate AI-generated data about the cosmos into visually stunning simulations that educate others about space.
  5. An AI-assisted Nurse will use AI-driven tools, data, and insights to help other medical professionals diagnose illnesses, create treatment plans, track medications, and more.
Precision Farming Analyst
A Precision Farming Analyst skilled in smart farming is predicted to be one of the top AI-enabled jobs of the future. Image by William Potter | Shutterstock.

AI integration in the workplace is expected to become the standard for 93% of businesses by 2028, Amazon states that machine learning (ML) and generative AI tools are already “improving operational efficiency and worker productivity in fields like finance, IT, sales, and marketing, among others.”

Rounding out the
top ten we have:

  1. Digital Identity Rehabilitation Specialist - assists victims of identity theft,
  2. AI-Integrated Pedagogy Instructor - uses AI to evolve educational technology and learning,
  3. Property Tech Program Planner - uses AI to innovate the real estate industry from construction and sales to property management,
  4. Conservation Eco-Cartographer - uses AI to advance eco-sustainability,
  5. AI Safety Supervisor - an expert in AI policy, regulations, standards, and compliance.

According to Amazon and Follows, what makes these and all AI-enabled jobs unique is that individuals will need to have both expertise in their field and proficiency in AI-skills to really be competitive in the future workforce.

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