Rare Xbox could yield British charity thousands

A working condition, extremely rare Xbox console that was donated to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) could be auctioned for as much as £9,000 ($11,500).

The Pepsi Hulk Console, released over two decades ago, is among the rarest Xbox consoles ever made, with only 36 devices available on the entire planet, BHF said. The green platforms were never available for retail sale since they were used as a promotional prize for the 2003 motion picture Hulk.

However, one unit was gathering dust somewhere in Oxford after an unnamed person donated the gadget to the foundation’s shop there.

Pepsi Xbox
The Pepsi Hulk Xbox console. Image by the BHF.

Since few units exist, the console's price is high. Xbox enthusiasts on Reddit claim the device’s value is likely to grow as the years pass. In a post published in 2020, a Redditor claimed the console was sold on eBay for as high as nearly $10,000.

“If I had that, I definitely wouldn’t sell it,” Halo_Chief117 wrote.

Meanwhile, the BHF estimated that the gaming platform could fetch £9,000 ($11,500). At the time of writing, the highest eBay price for the BHF’s console stood at £1,560 ($1,985). The BHF said funds from the sale of the rare Xbox console will go towards funding research into heart and circulatory diseases.