User satisfies their "power consumption monitoring addiction" after discovering USB-C with LED display

Now, you can easily know how much power your device consumes, to the point where it can become addictive.

Knowing how much energy a specific device consumes can be beneficial in the long run. But it can also lead to “power consumption monitoring addiction,” notes Software developer and tech blogger Herman Õunapuu.

One way to measure energy usage is to get a power consumption meter for computing setups and various home appliances.

Õunapuu shared another way that those interested in checking their device’s consumption metrics can now do so more easily with a USB-C cable equipped with an LED screen.

The developer shared how he simply wanted to stack up with USB-C cables. “That’s when I found out that there exist cables that have little screens on them that show the power consumption of the connected device,” wrote Õunapuu.

The blogger shared that the cable he ordered for nearly €7 “works well enough for a USB-C dock with a DisplayPort connection that’s running a 3440x1440 display at 60 Hz.”

Such a cable helps to determine whether the device is being charged at the right speed. However, “a cable like this one would be an ideal place to hide a malicious chip. That’s the only downside that I can think of,” the author notes, also providing a list of measuring device examples.