Software glitch stalls Volvo EX30 electric car deliveries

Drivers of Volvo’s EX30 may want to check their center screen before heading off.

Volvo has suspended 72,000 units of its fully electric EX30 model over a software glitch.

The company had to recall cars of this specific model that had already been delivered and those about to reach customers worldwide.

Volvo was forced to halt the deliveries because the screen that was supposed to show the speed malfunctioned. As with many new car models, the faulty Volvos don’t have an analog speedometer installed on their dashboards.

Instead, they have a screen placed on the driver’s right side. However, once the driver starts a car on a faulty model, the screen switches to test mode, rendering speed and other crucial information inaccessible while driving.

A notice about 71,956 EX30 cars was sent to those who purchased the vehicle, first reports Carup, a Swedish car news website (via Bloomberg).

Volvo has already found a way to solve the problem by trying to update the installed software online. Car owners don’t have to bring their vehicle to the manufacturer, as it should be fixed via an over-the-air (OTA) software update.

Other Volvo car models aren’t affected by the glitch, and no accidents or injuries have occurred as a result.

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