Owner of new Tesla Cybertruck thrilled until car loses control just hours after purchase

One self-proclaimed “Conservative America-loving vet” purchased his dream Tesla Cybertruck just for it to lose control and crash into a nearby neighbor's house just hours after it was brought home.

An X user who goes by the name Cobra1 revealed some shocking details surrounding his shiny new purchase, including CCTV footage of the incident.

The CCTV footage provided by The Daily Mail shows the car speeding up a hill when it eventually collides with a neighbor's house roughly 800 meters away.

The Cybertruck can be heard screeching as it accelerates, and eventually, a loud crash can be heard once it collides with the neighboring property. The truck's horn can be heard, and a figure comically running after the vehicle can be seen in the distance.

Many X users speculate that the new owner was recklessly taking the Cybertruck out for its first drive and lost control. However, Cobra1 claims that the crash was the result of a break malfunction.

In a post on X, Cobra1 said, “Nice knowing you, my girl #cybertruck. 30K max and 1 year for parts.” This means that the overall damages will cost roughly $30,000, and receiving the parts will take a year.

The Tesla owner said that he spent roughly $109,000 and had been waiting for the vehicle for five years. Cybetrucks can range from approximately $60,000 to almost $100,000.

Cobra1 has been very vocal on X about the situation and has asked the community whether he should “wait for Tesla to walk back their "Analysis" of what happened to my 4-hour-old #Cybertruck or just post the video, pictures, and details to allow the X-perts to review.”

The X user also shared some images of the damage, which showed that the impact was quite extensive. It seems that no one was hurt in the crash, but the state of the neighboring property is unknown.

Recently, Tesla has gained a lot of attention, seemingly for all the wrong reasons.

The company had to recall thousands of Cybertrucks due to major design faults like faulty accelerator pedals.

All while Cybertruck owners challenge their phalanges by trapping their fingers inside Tesla Cybertruck frunks.