More third-party apps will be reachable via the iPhone's Control Center

This fall, Apple users will be able to make small changes to their built-in camera.

iOS 18 will include a framework from developers called LockedCameraCapture. This update allows third-party camera apps to be opened from the iPhone’s Lock Screen.

An expanded Control Center in iOS 18 will allow third-party apps to be placed in it. The Control Center is then integrated with the Lock Screen and the Action button. This means that third-party apps such as Halide or Obscura can now be replaced with the built-in camera on the Lock Screen.

MacRumors reports that the new software update allows the quick access buttons for Camera and Flashlight to be changed to other Control Center applications, including third-party ones.

With the LockedCameraCapture framework, users can open the third-party camera app even when their device is locked, meaning that it will work similarly to how the built-in Camera app works now.

The framework also allows adding apps with more features than just a camera. This means that social media applications such as Instagram or TikTok can also be added to the Control Center camera button to be later used with a locked screen. This way, users can quickly capture photos and videos and upload them to social media channels.

Users should see how the new framework will play out this fall with the launch of iOS 18. Developers will then have an opportunity to add the framework to their applications.