Adi Gaskell

Adi Gaskell

Adi Gaskell is a Tech Writer at Cybernews, and has published over 6,000 articles on technology and the workplace. His focus is the industrial and policy aspects of cybersecurity.

Adi has a masters degree in IT, specialising in artificial intelligence (where he developed an AI-based cricket umpire!), and has spent 15 years working with startups, corporates, consultancies, government agencies, and universities.

He is based in the Knowledge Quarter of London, which is now home to Google and a host of other tech companies (he was there first, however!).

Adi currently advises the European Institute of Innovation & Technology and mentors startups through Startup Bootcamp. He is also a futurist for the sustainability innovation group Katerva.

He writes a weekly column on the future of work for Forbes, and his writing has appeared on the BBC and in the Huffington Post, as well as for companies such as HCL, Salesforce, Adobe, Amazon and AlcatelLucent.

When not absorbed in the tech world, Adi loves to cycle and get out to the mountains of Europe whenever possible.