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Best eSIM providers and plans for France 2024

eSIMs provide instant worldwide network access, unlike traditional SIM cards. With the best eSIMs for France, you can eliminate expensive roaming fees with affordable plans and enjoy their flexibility. Moreover, getting an eSIM before traveling can save you from the hassle of searching for a physical SIM upon arrival.

Finding the right eSIM in an overcrowded market can be challenging. After conducting thorough research and tests, we've handpicked the best eSIMs for France, each with different features and prices to suit your needs. Here are the best eSIM options for France.

Top 5 best eSIM providers for France

What to consider when choosing eSIM for travel in France

Travelers to France have different trip lengths and budgets, leading to diverse eSIM needs like data, internet speed, and plan duration. Here's what to consider when picking the best eSIM for France trip:

  • Trip duration. Choose a plan based on the duration of your visit. Every eSIM offers different validity periods, typically 7 to 30 days.
  • Extension of trip. If your trip includes several countries and France is just one of your stops, consider an eSIM plan for Europe or even a global mobile data plan.
  • Internet data usage. eSIM plans differ in the amount of data they offer. Cheaper options usually provide just 1GB, which may be sufficient if you don’t plan to consume much data or will use public Wi-Fi when necessary.
  • eSIM card budget. In the competitive eSIM market, you don't need to choose the most expensive provider to get a quality internet connection. Our list showcases affordable and effective options.
  • Internet speed. Check which data transfer modes (like 5G or 4G LTE) the eSIM provider supports for fast browsing in France.
  • Calls and messages. Most eSIMs don't give you a foreign phone number, so you can't make calls or send SMS messages. However, some providers offer this option for extra money.

The best eSIMs for France – our detailed list

1. Saily – the best eSIM for France in 2024

Saily esim banner
Supports 5G networks:Yes
Starting price:$4.29 (7 days, 1GB)
Countries: 150+

Saily is the best eSIM for France, crafted by the makers of NordVPN, guaranteeing dependable and user-friendly service. Saily offers a convenient alternative to physical SIM cards, as it lets you activate your data plans without buying a local SIM card.

You can purchase a data plan with Saily from your home country or while on the go, effortlessly choosing a data plan that fits your needs. With support for over 150 countries, Saily proves to be a versatile option for eSIMs.

Saily is known for its affordability, providing versatile 7-day and 30-day plans with different data options to meet diverse user requirements. The 7-day plan includes 1GB of data, while the 30-day plan offers options ranging from 3GB to 20GB.

Saily prices begin at just $2.49 for a 1GB, 7-day plan, varying by country selection. In France, eSIM plans range from $4.29 for 1GB (7 days) to $34.99 for 20GB (30 days).

2. Airalo – reliable eSIM card provider for France

Airalo banner
Supports 5G networks:Yes
Starting price:$4.50 (7 days, 1GB)
Countries: 200+

Airalo is a reliable eSIM card choice for France. It offers 6 affordable prepaid plans with excellent speeds in France.

Airalo plans activate as soon as the eSIM connects to a supported network. This means you can set everything up before your trip to France without losing time or data. Additionally, there are no eKYC (personal identification) requirements that could delay the setup process.

It's also worth noting Airalo's flexibility: the provider offers plans for the entire Europe, which are just as affordable as purchasing an eSIM for one EU country alone. In addition to France, Airalo provides plans in over 200 countries and regions worldwide.

You can buy an Airalo eSIM card for just $4.50 and enjoy 1GB of data for up to 7 days. If that amount isn't sufficient, you can add more data later or choose a longer plan with additional data. The longest plans offer between 3GB and 20GB of data for 30 days.

3. Nomad – speedy eSIM connection for France

Nomad banner
Supports 5G networks:Yes
Starting price:$4.00 (1 day, 1GB)
Countries: 170+

With eSIM options available in over 170 countries, Nomad presents a valuable eSIM solution for France. Nomad has prepaid plans explicitly tailored for France. These eSIM plans offer varying durations, data caps, and costs to suit individual preferences.

Nomad also offers regional and global eSIM options beyond France. For example, you can choose a plan covering Italy, France, and Germany for full connectivity.

Nomad ensures a seamless user experience by providing notifications when your data runs low or your plan approaches expiration. Furthermore, tethering/hotspot functionality is fully supported to enhance your connectivity experience. The best part is that installing your eSIM is a breeze, with clear instructions provided through in-app guidance or email and a QR code for quick setup.

Starting at $4.00, Nomad's eSIM options in France offer 1GB of data for 1 day. All Nomad plans are prepaid without activation fees. In addition, Nomad makes topping up your data effortless while your plan is still active.

4. Jetpac – Flexible eSIM options for France

JetPac banner
Supports 5G networks:No
Starting price:$1 (4 days, 1GB)
Countries: 100+

Jetpac is an excellent choice for France, offering plans starting at $1 and supporting 5G network connections. Each Jetpac eSIM plan provides a seamless alternative to traditional SIM cards, allowing users to activate their data plans without needing a physical SIM.

Jetpac’s plans for France start at $1 for 1GB of data valid for 4 days. For longer stays, they offer plans such as 3GB for $5.50 (7 days), 5GB for $9 (30 days), 10GB for $12 (30 days), 15GB for $19 (30 days), 20GB for $25 (30 days), 30GB for $37 (30 days), and 40GB for $48 (30 days).

5. aloSIM – flexible eSIM for France

aloSIM banner
Supports 5G networks:Yes
Starting price:$4.50 (7 days, 1GB)
Countries: 170+

aloSIM is an excellent choice for France, offering plans starting at $4.50 and supporting 5G network connections.

Each aloSIM data plan includes a free international phone number from Hushed, which functions over Wi-Fi or data. You can begin with free credits, providing around 30 calling minutes or 50 texts, and add more as needed. Overall, it's a solid option for a budget-friendly eSIM in France.

With aloSIM, you can opt for eSIM cards covering larger regions, providing data while traveling across multiple countries. For example, aloSIM offers a Western Europe plan, which includes France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. All aloSIM plans utilize reliable networks for excellent speeds.

The cheapest aloSIM plan offers 1GB of data for 7 days at just $4.50. Customers can choose between 15 or 30-day plans with data options from 2GB to 20GB. Prices range from $4.50 to $36, depending on the plan chosen.

6. Instabridge – affordable eSIM plans for France

Instabridge banner
Supports 5G networks:Yes
Starting price:$2.50 (7 days, 1GB)
Countries: 190+

Instabridge provides affordable eSIMs in France with a unique pay-as-you-go feature. It automatically activates if your data runs out, ensuring uninterrupted internet access. You can also switch to prepaid plans if needed.

Compared to competitors offering regional plans for travelers exploring multiple countries, Instabridge lacks this option. Regional plans are useful for those visiting destinations beyond France.

Despite this limitation, Instabridge offers some extra features. For example, it has a browser that saves data by compressing traffic. Plus, there's a Wi-Fi map to help you find free hotspots worldwide. If you're using an Android device, you can also use a VPN to add privacy.

Instabridge offers three simple eSIM plans for France. The cheapest, at $2.50, gives you 1GB for 7 days. The mid-tier, priced at $6.00, provides 3GB over 15 days. The 10GB plan costs $12.00 for 30 days for those needing more.

Does my phone support eSIM?

Newer smartphones typically support eSIMs, while older models made before 2018 might not. Check the manufacturer's specifications to find out if your phone is compatible. Here are some examples of smartphones that support eSIM technology.

iPhoneXR, XS, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Google Pixel2 (with Google Fi), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Fold
Samsung GalaxyS20, S20X, S21, S22, S23, Fold, Z Flip
HuaweiP40, P40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro
Xiaomi12T Pro, 13

To use eSIM, ensure your phone is unlocked from carrier restrictions. Phones in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are usually unlocked but often locked in America. Check your phone's settings or contact your provider to confirm. They can unlock it for a fee if needed.

Benefits of using an eSIM in France

Here's why choosing an eSIM in France is better than a regular SIM card:

  • Instant data. Once you arrive in France, simply activate your eSIM to access data services, ensuring you're connected immediately.
  • Instant activation. Activate your eSIM right away for easy connectivity in France. No store visit is needed.
  • Use both SIM and eSIM. You can utilize both your regular SIM card and an eSIM simultaneously to enjoy the advantages of each. The eSIM handles web access in this setup, while the physical SIM card manages phone services such as calls and SMS.
  • No need for a physical SIM card purchase. With an eSIM card, you avoid the inconvenience of removing or finding a physical SIM card while traveling in France.
  • Roaming charges are not costly. With an eSIM card, you can avoid pricey and slow roaming data compared to traditional SIM cards in France.
  • Flexible plans. Quickly add more data with certain eSIM providers in France whenever needed.

Things to know about using an eSIM card for France

Here's what you need to know about using an eSIM card in France:

  • You'll need an unlocked phone. Make sure your phone is unlocked and not tied to a specific carrier. You can unlock it by contacting your mobile provider or checking the settings menu.
  • You need a phone with eSIM support. Only compatible devices support eSIM cards, but you can easily check online to see if your phone is compatible.
  • Many services do not provide a virtual phone number. Most eSIM providers in France offer mobile data without a virtual phone number, meaning you can't make phone calls or send SMS messages. If you need these features, you might have to pay extra and undergo KYC verification.
  • Activation timing for eSIMs varies. Some start upon installation or first network connection, so only activate early enough to maximize validity. Your eSIM will activate upon entering France, but details may vary by provider. Activate within 1-3 months of purchase to avoid expiration.
  • Activate eSIM with QR, app or SMS. To activate an eSIM card, you can typically scan a QR code, use a mobile app, or enter an activation code received via SMS.

How to make calls with eSIM in France

eSIM providers typically offer data plans, but some provide the option to make calls using their eSIM cards. Here is how to make calls with eSIM in France:

  • Find an eSIM provider that offers a phone number for calls. You can try aloSIM, since they have this option.
  • Use your domestic SIM card alongside the eSIM for calls and reserve the eSIM for data. However, be cautious, as international calls using your domestic SIM card can be costly.
  • Use VoIP Apps. Make calls over the internet using apps like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Google Voice, which use your data connection.

Final thoughts on eSIMs for France

In conclusion, eSIMs provide a convenient and flexible solution for travelers in France, offering instant data access without physical SIM cards. Travelers can pick options tailored to their trip with various providers and customisable plans.

Saily stands out as the best eSIM for France, providing reliable, affordable, and customizable plans. With Saily, travelers enjoy seamless connectivity, avoid high roaming fees, and easily manage data usage while exploring France. Skip buying a physical SIM card at the airport or elsewhere in France and get web access when your plane lands.

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