Cybernews podcast #25: AI gives abortion advice

Out of 50 states in the US, now 21 have banned or restricted abortions. A beacon of liberty, hope and opportunity is now persecuting individuals who seek abortion, adding even more pressure on people who had to make a difficult decision, that is, to opt in for abortion.

Now, since chatbots have become a prevalent part of daily life, people consult them on abortions, too, seeking stigma-free assistance. But while they do avoid lectures and can give you the guidance you need, think twice before you confide your secrets to technology.

The newest episode of the Cybernews podcast will be discussing the ins and outs of AI-guided abortions.

Niamh Ancell, a journalist at Cybernews, tried consulting various AI chatbots, including Charley, which focuses on abortion-related topics.

“Charley, the chatbot that’s specifically designed to provide abortion information, was far more comprehensive than ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 as it covered everything, from pills to procedures to clinics and financial costs,” Niamh recalled her experience.

“It all sounds a bit morose, but Charley took a lot of guesswork out of the process and taught me something new.”

Gintaras Radauskas, a senior journalist at Cybernews, raised an important question whether a chatbot could actually provide a comprehensive overview of such a sensitive subject. To his beliefs, a person considering abortion should also take into account the moral arguments as well as medical ones, before going through with their decision.

However, whether or not chatbots are involved, relying on technology for such advice, especially in states that have banned or restricted abortion, can be very dangerous. While tech companies have pledged not to share user data with law enforcement, the latter can still obtain the information it needs with or without a warrant, and no VPNs or private browsers can offer a 100% secure and anonymous connection.

Big Brother is watching how you exercise your reproductive health rights. Tune in to the Cybernews podcast to deep dive into the topic.

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