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How To Change Your TikTok Location in 2023?

TikTok has been skyrocketing these past 2 years. Its content never stops expanding and we are pretty sure you want to see all of it. Yet, to see all the goodies that the global community has to offer, you have to change your region.

A big part of the world sees this platform as an untrustworthy place to spend your time. Due to security reasons, many countries, like Russia, India, and Pakistan, have decided to limit access to the app for their citizens. As a result, dozens of people are unable to reach TikTok’s content or simply have to deal with the limited amount of it.

But we are here to tell you that there are ways to change your location on TikTok and enjoy it freely and safely. It is not only the GPS spoofing application that might help you out. To be honest, we have other options to recommend to you. The more safer and effective ones.

This article will guide you through the process of changing your location on TikTok with the help of a VPN. It will also enlighten you with the benefits of VPN for TikTok and your daily life. So take a seat and get ready to take over TikTok.

How-to change location on TikTok

Why do you need a VPN for TikTok?

TikTok has decided to cut its feature to change the location on the application. In this case, VPN is the best option to access your wanted content.

VPN changes your IP address and hides your location. So, let’s say, you connect to a server that is located in the US. Your initial IP address is no longer recognized and, according to the given IP, you are enjoying TikTok from the US. Meaning, you are free to see the content dedicated to the US residents.

To continue with, lots of countries decide to block TikTok as it is owned by a Chinese company. It is known that the Chinese government is also interested in looking after the applications that Chinese residents create. For example, TikTok. Therefore, changing the location or region with the help of a VPN for China lets you get around the restrictions.

And as for the current situation, Russia has ordered a fine against the platform and the social platform itself has blocked the Russian state from accessing the media. Nevertheless, it's still legal to use a VPN in Russia to continue using the TikTok platform.

TikTok discontinued operating in Hong Kong message on TikTok

Take a glance at a few more perks that a VPN can offer:

  • Data encryption. It prevents hackers and government bodies from getting into your personal data.
  • Ad blocker. This feature is protecting you from ads, unsafe connections, and phishing scams, so your time on TikTok can be not only fun but safe too.

What are good VPNs to change your TikTok location?

The list of existing VPN providers is long and confusing. Yet, not all of the products are suitable as VPNs for TikTok: most of them are too slow to use the platform comfortably. Other options don’t have enough servers, or simply don’t work with the platform.

Fortunately, you will not have to worry about testing all VPN services because we have already done this for you. Running specific tests – like changing the location, challenging the speed of servers have brought us to this best VPNs for TikTok list, however, here, we'll provide you our top 3 VPN providers for changing TikTok location.

  1. NordVPN - good VPN to change TikTok location
  2. Surfshark VPN - low-cost VPN for TikTok
  3. IPVanish - great VPN for TikTok and other apps

How does TikTok detect your location?

TikTok’s location tracking is based on your SIM card, IP address, and GPS. Right after you sign up for TikTok you get asked to authenticate yourself with a phone number. In this way, they seek to avoid fake accounts and scammers. Additionally, on some versions of the software, your location gets tracked automatically by giving a post a location tag.

TikTok unavailable in India

However, does TikTok’s safety ensure your safety as well? Sadly, no. Allowing them to know your location increases the risk of getting hacked. Your personal information becomes easily accessible and this brings danger in the long term.

The platform itself in its privacy statement informs you that they will share your information with law enforcement agencies, public authorities, or other organizations if legally required to do so. Meaning, TikTok is allowed to pass your sensitive information to commercial parties and the governments. So knowing how to turn off location tracking on TikTok is pretty convenient.

Why would you change your TikTok region?

Let’s have a look at the perks of changing your TikTok location or region:

  • Accessing content independently from your actual location. Many countries have blocked TikTok or limited the content their residents can access. Yet, we all don’t want to miss out on the content that is hidden behind those restrictions. By hiding your IP address with the help of a VPN all those limits fall off and you are free to enjoy the full-fledged application.
  • Secure your privacy. While TikTok has access to your device with no VPN, you are naked in front of them. The company behind the app can track what applications are on your device, messages that were sent from you, where you go or what you do. The most secure VPN makes sure that your videos are not traced back to you.
  • Increase the number of your followers. Perhaps your local territory is not interested in your feed or you just wish to attract a worldwide audience? Well, changing your TikTok region will put your feed to the chosen region’s attention. A VPN for traveling allows you to constantly change countries, thus you would show up to a variety of nationalities.

We are glad to tell you that many great VPNs have built-in GPS spoofing features to ease this for you. You can find our preferred VPNs in the list above.

How to change your location in TikTok on different devices?

Changing the location or region for TikTok is a relevant topic globally.

Here are some guides on how to change the location with a VPN on popular devices:

Change TikTok location on Android

We find VPN as the most optional solution for changing your location on TikTok. It is able to change your location, allow you to access global content, and reassure your security.

  1. Choose the best VPN from our suggested list. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Download the app from Google Play Store and install the software. NordVPN app on Google Play Store
  3. Sign up and choose a suitable subscription Sign up for NordVPN
  4. Connect to your desired country and its server NordVPN map with Quick Connect
  5. Find yourself enjoying the worldwide content on TikTok

Change TikTok location on iOS

Here are the steps that show how easily a TikTok region can be changed with a VPN on iOS:

  1. Pick a reliable VPN. We believe NordVPN is the best option.
  2. Download the app from Apple App Store and install it nordpvn on apple app store
  3. Sign up for the service and select your preferred subscription
  4. Connect to a wanted country and server
  5. Browse global content effortlessly

Change TikTok location on PC or Laptop

This is how to change your TikTok location on desktop:

  1. Choose the most suitable VPN for you. We suggest NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Connect to the server and country of your choice
  4. Head to TikTok and have fun

Problems while changing location on TikTok with a VPN?

The TikTok region change with a VPN might not be working because of several aspects. Here are the reasons why it may not work:

  • You have connected to a server in the wrong region
  • Your VPN provider doesn’t have a server for a particular country
  • Your true IP address could be leaking
  • Cookies on your device might be showing your true location
  • Your VPN can’t bypass the region restrictions for the TikTok
  • The GPS location on your device doesn’t match the IP address on your VPN

But don’t worry, we have you some solutions for the situation:

  • Check for another or additional trustworthy VPN provider which has a server for your preferred country
  • Make sure you have enabled IP leak protection settings on your VPN
  • Use a different browser
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Connect to a different server
  • Contact your VPN’s customer support team

If none of the suggestions work, we think it’s time to consider upgrading your VPN provider. In this case, you could check our list of the recommended VPNs in 2023.

Change TikTok location with NordVPN
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How to change your TikTok region without a VPN?

It’s possible that a VPN option won’t be suitable for everyone. Whether your country has banned VPN services or you simply don’t prefer using them. Nevertheless, you can still change your TikTok location using these simple methods:

Changing language on TikTok to access other region content:

This solution is for users who only wish to access the content from a foreign country. Yet, it isn’t suitable for users who live in countries that have banned TikTok.

  1. Head to the TikTok app and navigate to Profile/Me
  2. On the right top corner, tap on three lines/dots
  3. In the section Content & Activity find Content preferences and click on it
  4. Tap on Video languages
  5. Click on Add language, choose your preferred language and click Done

Changing your SIM card:

TikTok uses your SIM region code to decide what you see, thus, changing your SIM card to a foreign one will change your location and allow you to access content dedicated to the specific region. It is important to disable the GPS feature on your mobile device as well to assure you are not tracked.

  1. Order an international SIM card
  2. Put the card into the SIM card slot
  3. Delete the cache and TikTok app data. For iOS devices only reinstall the TikTok app
  4. Open TikTok and there you go – the colorful content is yours

Is changing your location for TikTok worth it?

We have to admit that the TikTok location change can be confusing and requires you to take some responsible actions. But, truth to be told, it is not a challenging task to do. Moreover, now you know how to do that without getting hacked or scammed while relying on a GPS spoofing app.

Overall, choosing a VPN to change TikTok location seems like the most beneficial way to go. Hiding your true IP address will give you access to the greatest worldwide feed.

And we couldn’t go without mentioning other handy features that come along with a VPN. Encrypted data, ad blocking, many different IP addresses will ensure your security is fully equipped. In addition, all our top VPNs allow you to use their services on multiple devices, so the protection goes with you wherever you go.

Do you feel like this article has left any relevant questions for you? Let us know if you need any further guidance in the comments section below.

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