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How to watch every NFL game online with a VPN in 2022 (Game Pass included)

The new NFL season started in September 2021 and is now in full swing. But what if you’re not based in America or don’t have access to all the channels?

If you’re trying to watch the NFL online from outside of the United States, you may find yourself blocked from viewing certain channels and streaming sites due to geo-restrictions. If you’re a die-hard fan who wants to watch every game, you’re going to have to get past some big quarterbacks in the form of broadcasting blackouts.

However, you might be having problems even if you reside in the US and have a Game Pass subscription. That's because this platform doesn't allow US users to watch the games live. How cruel!

But with a VPN set up, you can bypass all the blackouts and geo-restrictions that get in your way and never miss another touchdown again! Here’s how to watch every NFL game online, wherever you are in the world.

NFL logo for How-to list

Why do you need a VPN to watch NFL online (even with Game Pass)?

Watching the NFL online is a complicated process, but a VPN can help. From channel-hopping to purchasing Game Passes and dealing with broadcast blackouts - it’s not easy to keep up with your favorite sport. And if you’re in a country that doesn’t have NFL broadcasting licenses, forget it! You’ll find that if you try to log on to a channel or streaming site that’s showing NFL you’ll be geo-blocked.

Geo-blocking is when a platform detects your IP address to see if you’re in a country that has the all-important NFL licensing agreements (they are very strict). Otherwise, you’ll be faced with an annoying error message telling you you don’t have access.

Hulu unavailable location while trying to access NFL online

So what's the solution? Luckily, it’s an easy one. With a VPN, you can completely change your IP address so that it looks like you’re visiting a website from a different country - in this case, one that has full NFL broadcasting rights. But not all VPNs are up to this task. You’ll need to carefully pick one that is proven to unblock NFL broadcasts. And that’s where this guide comes in!

Best VPNs to watch NFL online (with Game Pass International and other platforms)

Now that you know that a VPN is what you need, how to pick the right one? We’ve tested a range of VPNs to create a top three shortlist of the best VPNs for watching the NFL online.

NordVPN - best all round VPN

NordVPN banner
Based in:Panama
Simultaneous connections:6
Servers/countries:5,500+ servers in 59 countries
Unblocks Netflix:Yes

NordVPN is the best VPN to watch the NFL because it allows you to access multiple sports streaming platforms. It’s proven to unblock all the major sites like NFL Game Pass, DAZN, and ProSieben. If there’s a page you need to access for NFL games, NordVPN will get you in. Additionally, it also lets you access lots of movie platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

It’s also got a range of excellent features such as SmartPlay (Smart DNS), which helps you unblock content on platforms that don’t support VPN, split tunneling, and robust security features such as military-grade encryption.

NordVPN NFL stream

Check out our in-depth review for more on NordVPN.

Surfshark - fast, cheap, and reliable

Surfshark banner
Based in:The Netherlands
Simultaneous connections:Unlimited
Servers/countries:3,200+ servers in 65 countries
Unblocks Netflix:Yes

Surfshark is another top-tier VPN that is ideal for watching NFL games wherever you are. It’s been tested out extensively and never has any issues unblocking streaming sites or online TV channels you can think of, and that includes NFL broadcasters like ESPN, NBC Sports, and Amazon Prime Video.

Surfshark has a fleet of excellent features like split tunneling and Smart DNS, and it also allows unlimited simultaneous connections on one subscription!

Read our Surfshark review for more info.

VyprVPN - for more than just streaming NFL

Based in:Switzerland
Simultaneous connections:5
Servers/countries:700 servers in 70 countries
Unblocks Netflix:Yes

VyprVPN also comes highly recommended. It's one of the cheapest VPNs you can find, and it still offers a superb service. You can look forward to consistently fast connections, the latest tunneling protocols, and robust security features including military-grade encryption and a kill switch. For NFL games, VyprVPN will easily get you into the major streaming platforms and bypass any blocks that might be in your way. It’s fast and secure too, so we consider it a bargain at its price.

We’re also impressed by the range of devices you can use it on. Whether you're on a desktop computer or using a mobile device, VyperVPN has an app for pretty much everything.

Find out more about VyprVPN.

Top streaming services to watch NFL online

You can watch the NFL on a range of streaming sites and channels, including Monday night football and Thursday night football. Here are they:

Streaming platformPrice per month
Hulu + Live TV - wide range of US TV content$64.99
YouTube TV - US TV channel programming$64.99
Amazon Prime Video - new, original, and classic shows and movies$8.99
DAZN - range of sports broadcasts and live events$19.99
ESPN+ $5.99
NFL Game Pass US$99

You can also sign up for an NFL Game Pass and get access to NFL games online that way too.

To watch specific TV channels, you’ll need a US cable TV subscription, but you can access streaming sites from anywhere in the world. However, if you’re not in the US, you might find you’re geo-blocked, and you’ll get an error message pop up.

nbc error message while trying access NFL online

The best way to get around this is to use a VPN. With a VPN hiding your true IP address, you can make all these websites think you’re right there in the US, and then you’ll get instant access to all their NFL games!

What can you watch on NFL streaming sites?

Streaming sites vary in the types of content they show, as well as NFL. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to watch.

  • ESPN+ - As well as NFL highlights, ESPN shows a range of sports entertainment including baseball, ice hockey, soccer, college sports, and much more.
  • YouTube TV - You can catch up on live broadcasts from a range of US TV channels on YouTube TV, including ABC, NBC, NFL Network, NBA TV, ESPN, and NBC Sports.
  • DAZN - As well as NFL, DAZN has a focus on combat sports such as boxing and MMA. It’s the place to go to for the hottest live fights.
  • Hulu+ Live TV - There’s a wide range of entertainment from US TV channels on Hulu+ Live TV. From drama to comedy, news to movies, and music to sports. That includes NFL too.
  • Amazon Prime Video - Watch a host of new movies, classic shows, and original programming on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform also broadcasts NFL games too!

What can you watch on NFL Game Pass?

Game Pass is yet another streaming site where you can watch the NFL games online. However, it has some frustrating restrictions that don't allow all of us to watch the same content. For example, Americans will often experience something called blackouts. This means that occasionally, certain games will be blocked due to licensing reasons. And here's the worst part if you're from the US - Game Pass won't let you watch NFL games live.

Luckily, there's still a lot of stuff to watch on Game Pass even if you're not using a VPN. That's because you'll be able to see all the NFL game replays as many times as you want. There are also a lot of NFL documentaries like A Football Life and Hard Knocks. Also, you can download content directly to your mobile device.

How to watch NFL on your device

We all use an array of devices for watching entertainment. Whether you’re relaxing at home, at a friend’s house, or catching up with NFL content on a commute, there are all sorts of situations where you might want to watch your favorite team battle it out in the NFL. So with that in mind, let us show you how to get NFL games on all major devices using a VPN.

For even more info check out our dedicated guides to the best VPNs for all your major devices.



Smart TV

Watch NFL on PC

Watching NFL games on your PC is simple. Just follow a few steps, and you’ll be connected to American football action in moments.

  1. Pick a VPN you can count on to unblock the NFL. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Download and install NordVPN to your Windows or Mac PC.
  3. Once it’s all set up, open the VPN app.
  4. Connect to a new server.
  5. Load up a streaming app, like DAZN, and watch NFL!

How to watch NFL on your phone

Whether you’ve got an Android or an iOS smartphone, you can still catch up on NFL games with the help of a VPN. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

How to watch NFL on Android smartphones

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your device and find an Android compatible VPN. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Install the VPN app on your smartphone.
  3. Open up your VPN app and connect to a server.
  4. Log into a streaming site that’s showing NFL, like Hulu+ Live TV, and start watching!

How to watch NFL on iPhone and iPad

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open up the iOS App Store.
  2. Search for a VPN. We recommend NordVPN.
  3. Choose, download, and install a VPN.
  4. Launch the VPN app, find a server to connect to.
  5. Open your streaming app of choice, like YouTube TV, and watch the NFL!

How to watch NFL on Smart TVs

If you have a Smart TV that runs on Android, you’ll be able to install a VPN directly on it. Here’s how.

  1. Switch on your TV and head to the app store.
  2. Pick a reputable VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN.
  3. Install the VPN application and sign in.
  4. Head over to a streaming app that’s showing NFL, like ESPN, and put on some American football.

Some Smart TVs don’t support native VPN downloads, such as Samsung and some LG models. In this case, you can still connect. You just have to install a VPN on your router instead.

How to stream NFL on streaming devices

You might want to use many popular streaming services (like Game Pass) to watch NFL games, and the best way to make sure you have access to all the games is by having a VPN set up. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do on some of the main streaming devices.

Alternatively, if you still need help on deciding which streaming service to pick check out our reviews on the most popular VPNs for streaming devices here:



How to stream NFL on Roku

Unfortunately, you can’t install a VPN directly onto Roku. But there’s good news! You can still connect by installing a VPN onto your router instead.

  1. Find a VPN that supports router installation. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Install NordVPN to your router.
  3. Connect to a new server.
  4. Switch on Roku, head to the NFL channel or Game Pass, and watch without any geo-blocks!

How to stream NFL on Kodi

Want to get NFL games on Kodi without any geo-restrictions? We recommend connecting a VPN to your router. Just follow these steps.

  1. Install a VPN on your router. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Connect to a new server, ideally one in the US.
  3. Find a service that shows NFL on Kodi, like DAZN.
  4. Now you can watch all the NFL games you want!

How to stream NFL on Apple TV

Apple TV has a range of apps, channels, and services that will show NFL games, like Game Pass. So how can you make sure you’re able to watch them all? A VPN, that’s how! Since you can’t install a VPN directly to Apple TV, we recommended the router method.

  1. Select a VPN that works on routers. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Set up your chosen VPN on your router.
  3. Launch the VPN, connect to a US server.
  4. Switch on Apple TV, run the NFL app, and get ready for American football action!

How to stream NFL on Firestick

It’s easy to get a VPN connected to Amazon Firestick. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be watching NFL in no time.

  1. Search for a VPN on Firestick. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Install it, and launch it.
  3. Choose a US server to connect to.
  4. Find a channel with NFL coverage (like NBC), and you’re all set!

How to register for NFL Game Pass outside the US

NFL Game Pass is a subscription that gets you international access to NFL games and shows online. However, the US version of Game Pass doesn’t show regular-season NFL games. Instead, it shows replays and preseason games. The European version of Game Pass also has a blackout on many games. So, to get access to all live NFL games on Game Pass, you need a VPN to sign up from another location. Just follow these steps, and you’ll get access.

  1. Get a reliable and well-reviewed VPN. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Connect to a location outside of the US, like India
  3. Sign up for an NFL Game Pass
  4. Get the snacks ready and settle down for NFL thrills!

How to watch NFL from anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, you can watch the NFL on Game Pass International and other platforms with the help of a VPN. Whether you’re in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, Europe, Mexico, or anywhere else, there are simple steps to follow that always get you connected.

  1. Download a VPN onto your computer, router, smartphone, or another device. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Install and launch the VPN.
  3. Connect to a server in the US.
  4. Find a streaming site that shows NFL, like NBC or ESPN.
  5. Now you’re all set to enjoy the games!

How to watch NFL free online

Watching the NFL for free is not easy. You need a US cable TV subscription to access games on the free NFL app, and if you’re based outside of the US, this won’t be an option.

What you can do is find a streaming service that shows NFL games, sign up for a free trial, and then use a VPN to connect to a US server.

NFL-broadcasting streaming sites that also have a free trial include:

Remember, these services will still have geo-blocks in place, so if you’re not in the US, you’ll still need a VPN to hide your IP address. Luckily, our recommended VPNs all offer 30-day money-back guarantees, so you can essentially use them for free for one month.

You could also use a free VPN like Atlas VPN or ProtonVPN. Although it's worth noting that free options won’t have as many features as paid VPNs. Free VPNs also come with some risks. They often recoup money by filling their apps with annoying ads, or selling your data to third parties. Sometimes, free VPNs can also install malware onto your device. A freemium VPN, like Windscribe, is a better option as this is simply a free version of a paid VPN, so you know you can trust it. However, these will also have limited features and data caps restricting your use.

NFL 2021 - everything you need to know

This year’s NFL season is almost here, with the first game set to kick off on September 9, 2021. Last year’s Super Bowl winners, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will start the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Buccaneers, led by NFL legend Tom Brady, will no doubt want to start the new season with a statement win, but can the Cowboys make a statement of their own by claiming a big win? They’ll certainly be helped by the return of Dak Prescott from the ankle injury that kept him out of the majority of last season’s games.

Other big games in the first week of NFL 2012 include the Baltimore Ravens taking on the LA Raiders in the first time Raider’s fans will get to cheer on the team in their new stadium. This year’s Super Bowl favorites, the Kansas City Chiefs, are set for a big clash against the Cleveland Browns, and the Green Bay Packers go head-to-head with the New Orleans Saints.

NFL 2021 - key dates

The NFL is a thrilling, unpredictable league where anything can happen. Unmissible games happen throughout the season. Here are some important dates in the season, leading up to the Super Bowl climax.

  • September 9, 12, 13 - Season kick off and opening games
  • October 10, 17 - NFL London Series
  • November 2 - Trading deadline
  • January 8, 9 - Regular season finale
  • January 15-16 - Wild Card playoff games
  • February 13 - SuperBowl LVI

Whatever happens in the opening games, it’s bound to be a heavy-hitting season. Keep up to date with all the news over on the NFL website and the official NFL social accounts over on Facebook and Twitter.

How to watch NFL in 2021 - the final score

So you’ve made your predictions, got your team’s jersey, and are all set for NFL 2021, now you just need to make sure you can watch every game. As we’ve explained in this guide, the best way of doing that is with a VPN. A VPN can storm past geo-blocks and blackouts like a star quarterback. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to access NFL games.

With a VPN hiding your IP address, all those streaming sites that show NFL will be yours to unblock, even if you’re nowhere near the US. VPNs come with other great bonuses too, they keep your online activity anonymous and hidden from ISPs, data thieves, and cyber threats.

Are you excited for this year’s NFL season? Let us know your picks for the Super Bowl in the comments section below.

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