Duvel and Boulevard Brewing attackers post passports

Attackers claim to have stolen over a terabyte of data from Belgium’s Duvel and Duvel-owned Boulevard Brewing Company. The data allegedly exposes dozens of US-issued passports.

Both breweries were listed on the Black Basta ransomware cartel’s dark web blog, which it uses to showcase and threaten its latest victims.

The attackers claim that they’ve obtained a terabyte of data, including accounting, human resources information, and other details.

We have reached out to Duvel and Kansas City-based Boulevard Brewing but did not immediately receive a reply.

BlackBasta sample
Post on BlackBasta's dark web blog. Image by Cybernews.

Interestingly, Duvel was recently attacked by another ransomware gang, calling themselves Stormous. It’s unclear if the two attacks are connected in any way.

Black Basta’s recent post provides a sample of the supposedly stolen details. While the attackers included screenshots of allegedly exposed folders named taxes, finances, and logistics, the majority of the sample includes US-issued passports.

The data sample points to the alleged attack impacting Boulevard Brewing Company, with Black Basta using the Duvel name to garner more attention to the attack.

Black Basta is believed to be an offshoot of the notorious Russian-affiliated Conti ransomware gang, raking in over $100 million in bitcoin ransom payments since it came on the scene in 2022.

Black Basta has also recently claimed an attack against Duty Free Americas, the tax-free travel retail chain.