Twilio phases out the desktop version of Authy app

Twilio’s 2FA desktop app will no longer be available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux users.

Twilio, a San Francisco-based company providing programmable communications solutions, announced that it will phase out its two-factor authentication (2FA) desktop app Authy by August 2024.

This will affect Windows, MacOS, and Linux users. According to the company, the reason behind the decision is to direct their attention to the company's other solutions.

“We made this difficult decision to sunset the Twilio Authy desktop apps in order to streamline our focus and provide more value on existing product solutions for which we see increasing demand,” the company wrote in an announcement.

Twilio advises customers to switch to the company’s mobile apps and backup and sync their tokens across devices.

Earlier this year, the digital communications platform fell victim to a sophisticated social engineering attack. As a result, threat actors gained access to customer data.

Phishers fooled some Twilio employees into providing their credentials and then used them to gain access to the company's internal systems. The Twilio security team revoked access to the compromised employee accounts to mitigate the attack.

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