Xbox Series X sale for €380 on Amazon appears to be fake

Many German gamers are expressing frustration after discovering that their long-awaited and reasonably-priced Xbox Series X console won’t be arriving anytime soon. The advertised sale for 380 euros on was fake, the company confirmed.

When searching for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s latest and most powerful gaming console, the first listing on boasts an enticing price of 380. The listing has an impressive number of 14,500 ratings, averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars.

However, excited shoppers may overlook a critical detail – the seller is now set to an unknown third party called Maria's Retail Shop SRL, not Amazon.

Dozens of complaints are now piling up in this seller's feedback section with one-star ratings, claiming that they didn’t receive the product, the tracking numbers are invalid, and there’s no communication from the seller.

On December 1st, the first warning was posted on X by the user PS5 Bot DE, which tracks deals on Amazon and other marketplaces.

“Here again, the warning: The €425 offer from "Maria's Retail Shop SRL" on Amazon appears to be fake. Please do not order there. You can select the Amazon offer on the product page as usual for €449.99! Pay attention to “Shipping & Selling by Amazon,” the post reads translated from German.

Since then, the same seller has offered further discounts.

The bargain Є380 for an Xbox Series X is 31% below the recommended retail price in Europe, which was €549.99. This would be the lowest price for this console to be sold in Europe. Other sellers on offer the same product for 443,88 or higher.

The seller Maria's Retail Shop SRL, until recently, maintained a very high rating. However, since the start of December, 1-star ratings started piling up in the dozens. Now, 19% of the total 617 feedback reviews during 12 months for this seller are 1-star rated.

Many recent user reviews read like this: “Same problem as the others. The cancellation was made immediately after the order was placed, but the package was still ‘shipped.’ The tracking number is incorrect. The seller does not respond to inquiries. Just don't order here! I think the order will never arrive. Why Amazon doesn't take action against the seller with so many of the same negative reviews is a mystery to me.”

“FRAUD! I've been waiting for the goods for over a week. Like the others, I got the wrong GLS number. Called GLS, and they said there was no shipment,” the other buyer said.

reviews on Amazon

Maria's Retail Shop SRL still has an average 12-month rating of 4.1 out of 5, while the monthly average is just 2.6 stars. According to Amazon, this privately owned business is from Bucharest, Romania.

Amazon seller

On Amazon, more than 6,000 Xbox Series X consoles were bought in the past month in Germany, more than 200 every day.

After Cybernews' initial report, Amazon investigated and later deactivated the seller who attempted to abuse the platform’s policies.

“We work hard to create a trustworthy shopping experience by protecting customers, selling partners, and Amazon from fraud and abuse, and we have systems in place to detect suspicious behavior. We will continue to pursue all measures to protect our store and hold bad actors accountable,” an Amazon spokesperson said.


prefix 7 months ago
J'ai le même problème pour une ps5 à 395 €. Amazon ne veut pas prendre ses responsabilités et en renvoyer une autre même tarif. Ils proposent simplement un remboursement en sachant que maintenant les prix grimpent à l'approche de Noël...
B. W.
prefix 7 months ago
For me the same today. I ordered a PS5 and the delivery should be today but the tracking number for GLS is incorrect. I am so angry about this black sheep's again that you have to look carefully who sells on Amazon Marketplace and where is the location of the seller. The ratings shown it is never for sure and you have to read the comments below.

I will see what will be happens with Amazon after the report to them on the customer plattform.
prefix 7 months ago
Dopo che mi sono trovato in una situazione simile con lo stesso venditore, in cui mi trovo anche adesso,ho informato amazon a riguardo e o anche inviato tra le tante prove questo articolo sono riuscito a fare chiudere lo shop spero sia definitivamente
prefix 7 months ago
Same thing happened to me. What annoys me is the time and effort required to get Amazon to comprehend that this is indeed a scam shop. Their automated complaints system won't let me report the seller since "they haven't answered yet and you have to allow them appropriate time to do so". The first time I called Amazon customer service their customer service rep said basically the same thing. It took me two more calls to finally get someone at Amazon to report the shop, I was lucky since the customer service rep had already had a complaint from someone else regarding the same shop. Needless to say, Amazon's automated system won't allow me (yet?) to initiate the procedure to claim my money back via A-to-Z Guarantee. Meanwhile, the one-star reviews concerning this shop saying exactly the same thing are piling up and the shop is apparently not on Amazon any more. It would seem Amazon does not have safeguards in place to prevent this sort of thing or to stop it a lot faster.
Le Goff
prefix 7 months ago
bonjour j'ai commandé hier un colis Maccanlan DEPUIS UNE PUB SUR Facebook. Je souhaiterais
savoir si je l'aurais aujourd'hui merci de me tenir au courant
M. B.
prefix 7 months ago
The shop is down now.
Hope to get my money back, ordered a smartphone and it should be delivered on saturday, but the tracking number is not valid. No reaction after contacting the seller.
prefix 7 months ago
Hi M.B.,
unfortunately we have the same Problem. Could you please keep us updated about your actions to receive your money back.
Thank you and good luck.

prefix 7 months ago
Wir haben unser Geld zurückerhalten über die A - Z Garantie nachdem der Betreiber des Shops nun auch von der Plattform geschmissen wurde
prefix 7 months ago
Hi M. B.,

I would like to join Sarah in asking to keep us updated on your actions to get your money back. Amazon Customer Services reps keep assuring me that I will get my money back, however, after everything that has happened this rings kind of hollow.

Thanks in advance, and best of luck!
Scamed Customer
prefix 7 months ago
Hi, I ordered as well, but it seems the GLS number is invalid, raising concerns about the package's arrival. I reached out to Amazon support, and they assured me of protection through the Amazon A-z claim. Before initiating the claim, you need to contact support to reach the seller. Support has contacted the seller, who promised to get in touch within 24 hours but hasn't yet. It was my first order from Amazon, and I probably got scammed. It's a mystery to me how the same Amazon item can have different sellers.
prefix 7 months ago
Hey there,
What can I do now? I ordered one of these from their shop and it has already been sent.... Can I just not accept the package? What should I do??
Aleksandr R.
prefix 7 months ago
Wait till delivery time is over (must be around one week) and ask for refund.
prefix 7 months ago
They will send something used/or they will send nothing at all. I have made a claim with Amazon, and they said I will get back the money in 2 working days.. I think you should do the same!
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