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Wanted: YouTuber accused of swindling $55m out of fans

Her dance moves and K-Pop covers have won her 847,000 followers on YouTube. Then Natthamon “Nutty” Khongchak allegedly cheated thousands of them in a $55 million forex scam.

Khongchak, originally from Thailand, is now reportedly in hiding after leading thousands to believe she was a successful foreign exchange trader. The police in Thailand have issued an arrest warrant for Khongchak after her victims started coming forward.

Khongchak, who also has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, used her social media to promote a lavish lifestyle which she suggested was a result of her success as a forex “guru.”

According to Thai media reports, she persuaded followers to invest in forex by promising them up to 35% returns. More than 6,000 people did, according to the Nation, a Bangkok-based newspaper.

As her clients did not receive returns on their investment every month as promised, some started complaining. At the end of May, Khongchak posted an apologetic video on her Instagram account saying she made a mistake which led to her trading account being blocked. She promised to try and repay the money “one day.”

Khongchak was never heard from again. She ignored pleas from her followers to give them their money back.

“The money you cheated is the money I have been saving for my entire life. It’s so hard now. So painful,” one user said under one picture Khongchak posted on Instagram.

“You are shameless,” said another.

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