Apple Watch screen glitches frustrates users

Apple’s most advanced and expensive watch, the Ultra 2, seems to be having problems with an always-on display.

Apple revealed the Ultra 2 a month ago. The company priced its shiniest gadget – with its biggest battery ever, a double tap feature, edge-to-edge always on display and dual-precision GPS location tracking – at $799.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 screen flickering
byu/AccurateMachine inAppleWatch

Some users who rushed to buy the new watch have already complained about a flickering or pulsing screen.

For some, the screen glitches with the timer running, for others, the screen flashes randomly in a bright pink colour. Users encouraged each other to report the issue to Apple, and some went through the trouble of exchanging watches to see if it was a hardware problem.

An internal service memo shared with Apple Authorized Service providers, and first reported by the MacRumours, showed that Apple was already looking into the issue.

Apparently, the issue affects not only the Apple Watch Ultra 2 but also the newly released Apple Watch Series 9. The issue is present on all watchOS 10 versions.

A temporary solution is to turn off the always-on display until Apple fixes the issue.

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