This smart mirror promises a soul-cleansing experience

Baracoda has just revealed its new artificial intelligence (AI) powered smart mirror, which functions as an “ally” to soothe and manage mental anguish.

The BMind mirror, developed by Baracoda, can supposedly manage stress, soothe anxiety, and reduce insomnia by identifying your mood while helping to promote a positive mindset.

Baracoda is a French home automation company that is the self-proclaimed “leader in Daily Healthtech.”

The mental fatigue we experience from just being alive now requires “an ally” to encourage your “proactive approach to wellness.”

The mirror provides tailored recommendations and “experiences” based on your mental state.

If you’re having a bad day, the mirror will encourage you to practice mindfulness or use lights, visuals, and sounds to provide an immersive, supposedly soul-cleansing experience.


BMind uses various technologies and claims to give its users a relaxing experience while incorporating guided meditation and self-affirmations.

Powered by Generative AI (genAI) to coach and guide users through different experiences alongside the natural language process (NLP) for “sentiment analysis.”

GenAI is used for “conversation” and “coaching experiences” – if you want to curb your loneliness, receive a pep talk, or ‘reflect’ on past mistakes, you can with your very own AI mirror.

These technologies allow the mirror to evaluate your feelings while curating exercises and activities to help alleviate tension and elevate your mood

Baracoda is attempting to make health tech “hassle-free and invisible” by removing software updates and the need for user intervention.

This is no normal mirror. Instead, this mirror could collect more information on you than you might like.

The BMind gathers information about you, supposedly “without any invasive technology,” while your health and personal data are stored locally with the CareOS platform.

The company claims that this information is never shared with any party (without the user’s explicit request and consent, of course.)

The CareOS platform claims to be the “first smart Health and Beauty hub for devices and services” in your bathroom and is a subsidiary of the Baracoda Group.

BMind will start at $500 and will be available for purchase in the last quarter of 2024, as reported by Digital Trends.

The device has debuted just in time for CES technology conference in Las Vegas Nevada.

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