X users respond to Cybertruck taking a beating: “Most dumpsters are pretty tough”

“Other trucks look badass, Cybertruck actually is,” Elon Musk boasts.

In a video shared by a Tesla owner, we see a few people with different tools going at the Cybertruck. They use a gun, a hammer, and a saw alongside other power tools in an attempt to prove that Cybertruck is indestructible.

The video, shared by Musk, has already nearly 116 million views and counting.

“Other trucks look badass, Cybertruck actually is,” Musk posted on X.

The video was originally shared by “Tesla Owners Silicon Valley” - an X profile for Musk fanboys with nearly 1 million followers.

A lot of X users, naturally, love the video, expressing their adoration both for Cybertruck and Musk.

However, some were quick to point out that people in the video don’t touch the windows - if an attacker or thief were to break into the Cybertruck, the car’s windows would definitely be their first target.

“Yea such a "bad ass" truck. Nothing says badass like a flower pot breaking on a metal door, or little 22 rounds being deflected by a piace of angled Stainless steel This is by far the WORST marketing video I have EVER seen on ANYTHING,” [sic] one X user said.

Others pointed out that while Cybertrucks might be bulletproof and hard enough to take some beating with a hammer, it has other issues that make it far from a badass car.

“Unless you take it through a car wash. Or drive it. Or try to use the windshield wiper. Or…” another user posted.

Recently, Tesla recalled its Cybertrucks for a fourth time to fix some issues with failing front windshield wipers as well as trim pieces that might loosen.

Cybertrucks, like any other car, aren’t foolproof. X user Cobra1 crashed their new Cybertruck only five hours after picking it up, resulting in $30,000 in damage to a car they claimed to have paid $109,000 for. While the driver claims the car malfunctioned, many had speculated that the incident occurred due to reckless driving.

“Most dumpsters are pretty tough,” one X user said, reacting to the viral video of Cybertruck fans trying to smash the car while mindfully avoiding hitting its windows.

“Tesla Owners Silicon Valley” is a great account X for both Musk lovers and haters. The community often supports the tech tycoon and trashes media that criticizes him. On the other hand, the account is full of Tesla-related information, hilarious and cringeworthy memes, and videos that might make you raise an eyebrow, like this one here.