Stop using the Humane AI Pin charger: it might catch fire

The charger for the Humane AI Pin is turning out to be a potential safety hazard.

Humane has contacted users, asking them to stop using the device’s charging case as it “may pose a fire safety risk.”

The message was sent to Humane users via email, reports the Verge, while no information on the matter can be found on its website or social media.

In the email, the company asked AI Pin users to stop using its “Charge Case Accessory” immediately because of problems related to “certain battery cells.”

The company further explained that the issue came from a third-party vendor, which provided the faulty battery cell.

“We immediately disqualified this battery vendor while we work to identify a new vendor to avoid such issues and maintain our high quality standards,” shared Humane.

Humane’s AI Pin is “the first multi-modal device that is wearable and easy to use.” The device was launched this year and received much attention as it was seen as a technology that could possibly replace smartphones.

However, this was soon proven to be far from reality, as negative reviews of Humane AI Pin started to appear. These included an overheating device, a quickly dying battery, and a number of system bugs.