iPhones turning off on their own at night, users complain

Some iPhone models are temporarily shutting down during nighttime, interfering with features like alarms, users have complained.

Users have been experiencing problems with their iPhones turning off at night, with some expressing frustration online about alarms that didn’t go off as a result.

“This morning I happened to wake up at like 5am on my own, late for work, and noticed the alarm screen was up with the snooze option on it, but my phone didn't wake me up,” a post on Reddit read.

The author said that the alarm of another iPhone in the same household, belonging to their son, also failed to go off on the same night.

“Neither phone had a notification that it updated overnight. Just wanted to post it here and see if anyone has any other possible explanation besides a crazy coincidence,” they said.

In comments below the post, numerous commenters said they had experienced the same issue. According to users, the issue affected the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, but also older models running on iOS 17.

Many noticed that their alarms didn’t go off because their phones temporarily switched off during the night.

“Check your battery settings and see if there’s a gap during the night. Yesterday, a lot of iPhones turned off for a few hours during the night. In my case the phone turned back on [one] minute before the alarm,” one user said.

Another Reddit post shared a screenshot of their iPhone battery history, showing that the phone was turned off for several hours.

“My iPhone just turned itself off between roughly 3am and 7am. As my alarm went off, I noticed that I had to re-enter my SIM pin and it wouldn’t get out of the sleep focus without my intervention,” the post read.

Image from Reddit

It’s not clear what’s causing the issue, or whether Apple is aware and is taking any steps to remedy it. Cybernews has reached out to the company for comment.

Apple has also faced scrutiny over reports of overheating affecting its latest iPhone 15 model and had to release an update to the iPhone 12 model after French regulators demanded the company recall the phone due to what they said was excessive radiation levels.

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