Samsung reveals details on new Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra

The new watches are designed to be “ideal choices for an adventure.”

Two new watches – the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra – were revealed during the Samsung Unpacked 2024 event.

Design and specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 will be available in two sizes – 40 mm and 44 mm. Buyers can select from three colors: green, cream, and silver.

The Samsung Galaxy Ultra will be larger than the Galaxy Watch 7, with a size of 47 mm. It will come in Titanium Silver, Titanium Gray, and Titanium White colors.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is made from Armor Aluminum and Sapphire Glass, while Samsung Galaxy Ultra is made of titanium and Sapphire Glass.

Both watches will support Bluetooth and Bluetooth 4G connectivity.

The new Samsung watches will also have 2GB of RAM and 32GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra was crowned as the device that “has the longest battery life within the Galaxy Watch line-up,” with a battery that lasts up to 100 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra
Image by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 was designed to understand your “everyday wellness.” Users can track over 100 workouts with the watch, which can help create workout routines, track performance, and compare it with past results. Users can also see how their activities affect their physical fitness with Body Composition.

Sleep apnea detection is one of the newest features of the latest Samsung Galaxy watches. This new feature shows the signs of sleep apnea – a disorder that affects one’s breathing during sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra was created for users who want to enhance “fitness experiences for next-level achievements with ultimate intelligence and capabilities.”

With the Multi-sports tile, users can track multi-course workouts such as running or swimming and measure their maximum cycling power with Functional Threshold Power (FTP) metrics.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra will be priced at $648, while the cost of Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 will start from $299.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7
Image by Samsung