Spotify seems to be working on a new feature: AI playlists

Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming services, may soon introduce a new feature allowing users to generate playlists on the fly using AI and custom prompts.

If you’ve ever felt the need to create a custom playlist of 90s Polish hip hop or music that your cat would listen to, Spotify might be working on just the feature for you.

As discovered by blogger, tech veteran, and investor Chris Messina, the Spotify app already includes some code referring to “AI Playlists.”

“Looks like you may be able to generate "AI Playlists" on Spotify using custom prompts. It seems like creating these might be an option in the Blend Genre,” he shared on Threads.

His screenshots include strings such as “AI Playlist,” and “Get playlists based on your prompts.”

Threads post

Some users seem to be able to activate the feature, as shared screenshots would suggest.

“Turn your ideals into a playlist using AI. Currently available in English only,” the new “Create” function reads and even suggests some prompts.

That is not the first AI-driven feature in Spotify’s arsenal. Just recently, the streaming platform introduced “daylists” in some countries. These highly personalized and frequently updated playlists contain niche music and microgenres users “usually listen to during particular moments in the day or on specific days of the week.”

Some users found this feature odd.

On February 22nd, Spotify also debuted an AI DJ, which gives a lineup of music based on user preferences and provides information about the music using generative AI.

AI-translated podcasts are another recently introduced feature.

“As part of the pilot, we’ve worked closely with podcasters Dax Shepard, Monica Padman, Lex Fridman, Bill Simmons, and Steven Bartlett to generate AI-powered voice translations in other languages –including Spanish, French, and German – for a select number of catalog episodes and future episode releases,” a Spotify press release reads.

Also, Spotify will not be closed for bot music. When asked by BBC, Daniel Ek, the co-founder and CEO of Spotify, said that Spotify will not ban AI-made music as there were valid uses of the tech in making music. However, he also believes that AI should not be used to impersonate human artists without their consent.

So, if a user wants to create a playlist of entirely AI-created music, they may soon be able to ask AI to do it for them.

Cybernews reached out to Spotify but received no reply at the time of writing. Spotify declined to confirm its plans around AI playlists to TechCrunch. Of course, while Spotify looks for ways to improve experiences using AI, some features that the company builds and tests internally may never become available.

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