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How to block YouTube ads in 2024

Are you looking for working methods to block YouTube ads interrupting your video playback? You're not alone. Even though YouTube advertisements have been a part of the platform almost since its start, they have become increasingly intrusive and time-consuming, so users prefer them gone. After all, ads, especially those that can't be skipped, waste your time, consume more data, and violate your privacy.

Yet, no matter how much we hate them, YouTube advertising is here to stay. The company's advertising revenue alone in the final quarter of 2023 was 9.2 billion dollars. Additionally, YouTube's primary source of income is advertising. For this reason, YouTube works hard on developing strong anti-ad-blocking methods to make sure ad blockers can’t filter out the ads.

Because not all ad blockers are capable of overcoming YouTube’s stringent techniques, in this article I’ll explain how to block YouTube ads using a high-quality ad blocker, a Brave browser, and several other methods.

How to block YouTube ads in 4 steps

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  1. Pick a reliable ad blocking provider. We recommend Total Adblock, now 80% off
  2. Download the app, install it
  3. Launch the app or browser extension and enable the ad blocker
  4. Start watching YouTube without ads

Blocking YouTube ads with Total Adblock is as easy as that. Make sure to try it yourself – the provider offers a 7-day free trial.

Why you might want to block ads on YouTube

Even though ads have been around on YouTube forever, they have become more and more intrusive, and users do get frustrated. There are many good reasons why you should watch YouTube without ads. Here are some:

  • Avoid distractions: YouTube ads can be quite irritating, especially if they are loud, flashy, or completely irrelevant to the video you are currently watching. Not to mention those never-ending unskippable ads. By blocking advertisements, you can focus on the content you want to see without being distracted.
  • Save time: typically, the longer the video, the more ads are placed. So, it gets particularly time-consuming when a 20-second ad appears every 2-3 minutes in an hour-long video. Blocking these ads can help you watch the content faster without unnecessary pauses.
  • Save data and battery power: YouTube can consume a lot of data and battery power. This is particularly bothersome when you're on a limited data plan or watching videos on the go. Blocking ads can noticeably decrease the usage of these resources, saving you both time and money.
  • Malware protection: It's not unheard of that some YouTube videos contain malware or other harmful content. By blocking these ads, you can easily avoid harming your device and compromising your personal data.
  • Ensure privacy: as you may already know, YouTube ads are targeted. It means that YouTube shows ads based on the personal information it has collected about you. The data is gathered with the help of trackers that follow you around the internet. Good ad blockers can efficiently remove trackers to protect your privacy.
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How to block ads on YouTube: detailed guide

Here’s how to set up an ad blocker on a your device and watch YouTube without ads:

  1. Choose an ad blocker that can block YouTube ads. I recommend Total Adblock, now 80% OFF Total Adblock download
  2. Go to the provider's website and download and install the app or the browser extension Add Total Adblock extension on Chrome
  3. Launch the app or the browser extension and enable the ad blocker Total Adblock Chrome extension
  4. Now, go back to YouTube and watch it ad-free

How to block ads on YouTube app

If you prefer watching YouTube on your mobile device via the YouTube app, the process could be slightly different, depending on the ad blocker you choose. If you, for example, already have a TotalAV (antivirus) subscription, you get TotalAdblock with it for no extra cost, and can find it in the TotalAV’s app and download it from there. Otherwise, if you need only an ad blocker, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a reliable ad blocker for your mobile device. I recommend Total Adblock, excellent at blocking all YouTube ads! Note: there is no Total Adblock app on the Play Store or App Store, so you need to click on the link below and follow on-screen instructions to set up the app
  2. After downloading the app, follow the instructions on setting it up Install Total Adblock on mobile
  3. After installation, find the ad blocker app and launch it
  4. If you choose Total AdBlock, you will need to install a CA certificate, there will be a step-by-step guide in the app Install CA certificate on Total AdBlock
  5. After installing the certificate you will be able to launch the YouTube app through the Total AdBlock app, and it will block all YouTube ads! Block YouTube adds in Total AdBlock app

Other methods of blocking ads on YouTube

While ad blockers offer well-rounded security, as they are usually included in VPNs' or antivirus programs' suites, some alternatives exist. You can block YouTube ads by using the Brave browser, purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription, downloading videos to your device, or blocking just particular ads.

1. Watch YouTube without ads using the Brave browser

Brave browser is excellent when you need to remove unwanted content such as adware. Its built-in content blocker is designed to block all ads, including YouTube. Here's how to get started:

  1. Download and install the Brave browser on your device
  2. Open the Brave browser and navigate to the YouTube website
  3. Click on the Brave shield icon in the top right corner of the browser window
  4. Toggle the "Shields Up" option to turn on Brave's ad-blocking feature
  5. Refresh the YouTube page or start a new video

2. Purchase a YouTube Premium subscription

Another great way to remove ads is by getting a YouTube premium subscription which allows you to enjoy YouTube without commercials. But it's not only helpful in blocking ads. There are several other benefits, such as watching videos offline or having them play in the background and getting exclusive popular YouTubers’ content.

However, YouTube Premium is a costly service compared to an ad blocker. It costs $13.99/month, meanwhile, Total Adblock costs $1.99/month.

Here's how to get the subscription:

  1. Go to YouTube, tap on your profile, click "Purchases and Memberships”
  2. Choose the YouTube Premium subscription plan that you want to purchase
  3. Enter your payment details and Click "Buy." That's it!

3. Download videos to your device

One of the ways to get around YouTube ads is to download the content to your computer. You can try out desktop software like 4K Video Downloader or extensions YouTube Video Downloader.

Keep in mind that downloading videos violates YouTube's terms of service. Thus, the platform constantly issues updates which often render third-party software useless.

But there are other reasons to think before trying out this method. If you choose a bad provider for downloading the videos, you risk infecting your device with malware.

4. Block particular ads

If generally ads don't bother you, but once in a while you see a particular ad you want to block, here's a solution:

  1. When you see the target ad appear, click the "i" icon or the "stop seeing this ad" button
  2. This will prompt you to provide feedback on why you don't want to see the ad

How to watch YouTube without ads: Conclusion

The best way to block YouTube ads in 2024 is by getting a powerful ad blocker. Currently, the best choice on the market is Total Adblock. It effectively blocks all YouTube ads and works flawlessly on other websites too.

Alternatively, you can block YouTube ads with the Brave browser or get a YouTube Premium subscription for an ad-free experience. You can also get around ads by downloading videos to your device. However, this method is not safe as you risk downloading malware.

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Alan MacMinn
prefix 16 days ago
Is there anyway to block youtube ads while watching on smart tv?
Cybernews Team
prefix 8 days ago
Hi, thanks for your question! There are some providers of our list that should have apps or work with SmartTVs but they won't block ads. Sadly there is no proper way to block YouTube ads.
Debra Wilden
prefix 5 months ago
I do have ad-blockers. Youtube recognizes them now and will not show content unless they're disabled. I think there is no other way other than to buy the monthly Youtube subscription. (Which I won't do, nor have finances for.) The ads are very, very annoying and programs don't always resume after the ads are completed. This means that I can no longer listen to the programs remotely since I have to be at my device in order to babysit/restart the program.
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