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How to block mobile game ads: 7 tried & tested methods working in 2024

The reasons to block ads in mobile games extend beyond mere annoyance. Firstly, they consume valuable time, forcing gamers to watch often lengthy and repetitive content. This interruption not only hampers the overall gaming experience but also breaks the flow, especially during intense gaming sessions.

Moreover, the content of these ads may not always be suitable for all audiences. Age-inappropriate ads can inadvertently be exposed to younger gamers, creating a concern for parents and guardians. Additionally, many of these ads feature in-app purchases, which can be a pitfall for unsuspecting children, leading to unintended expenses.

This article, backed by thorough research and tests conducted by Cybernews experts, will explore methods that are applicable to both Android and iPhone mobile devices, ensuring broad applicability. While our primary recommendation revolves around the use of ad blockers, we will delve into 6 other practical methods.

Stay tuned to uncover how you can enjoy a seamless, ad-free gaming experience in 2024.

How to block ads on mobile games with an ad blocker

Ads on games
  1. Choose a reliable ad blocker compatible with your device, like NordVPN’s Threat Protection
  2. Download and install the ad blocker on your Android or iPhone device
  3. Open the app and enable ad-blocking features
  4. Experience your game ad-free!

Why you might want to stop ads when playing games

Ad interruptions in games can detract significantly from your gaming experience. Here's an enhanced perspective on why blocking ads is beneficial:

  • Time efficiency. Many games show ads after each round, consuming 30–60 seconds. This adds up, especially during brief gaming sessions, making ad-blocking a time-saving necessity.
  • Content appropriateness. Ads can often display content with violence or suggestive themes, unsuitable for young audiences, including toddlers. Blocking ads helps maintain a kid-friendly gaming environment.
  • Data usage. Ads consume additional data, a critical concern for users with limited data plans. By blocking ads, you conserve your data allowance.
  • Avoid unintentional downloads or purchases. Ads frequently promote other apps, posing a risk of accidental downloads or purchases, particularly when children are playing.

Ad blockers effectively address these issues across various games, eliminating intrusive ads and enhancing your gaming experience.

How to block ads on mobile games with an ad blocker: detailed guide

It's essential to choose an ad blocker that effectively blocks in-game ads, not just browser ads. Surfshark Adblock has proven efficient in blocking both video and banner ads within games on smartphones.

  1. Choose a reliable ad blocker, we recommend Surfshark Adblock, as it worked seamlessly for us on a cell phone
  2. Launch the App Store or Google Play and download the ad blocker Installing app
  3. Create a new account or log in to an existing one Create account
  4. Enable ad blocking by navigating to Settings VPN Settings in the app and turning on the CleanWeb feature Enable CleanWeb
  5. Connect to the closest server for optimal performance Connect to the closest server
  6. Start your game and enjoy an ad-free experience

Other working methods of blocking ads on games

Apart from ad blockers, several alternative strategies exist to keep your gaming experience ad-free. Below, you’ll find other methods, offering you a variety of choices to suit different preferences and gaming environments.

1. Change game settings

A straightforward yet often overlooked method to block ads is through the game's settings. Here’s how you can utilize this method:

  1. Access game settings: open the game and navigate to its settings menu
  2. Find ad preferences: look for an option related to advertisements or privacy
  3. Disable ads: if available, select the option to turn off ads

Be aware that this method is dependent on the game's functionality and may not be available in all games. In all honestly, there won’t be many games with such an option.

2. Limit ads via device settings

While you can't completely stop ads on your device, you can limit ad tracking, which may slightly influence ad frequency and will definitely change the type of ads you see. Here’s how to adjust these settings on iPhone and Android:

Limit ads on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings – Privacy
  2. Tap on Tracking and toggle off Allow Apps to Request to Track
  3. Return to Privacy, find Apple Advertising, and turn off Personalized Ads

Limit ads on Android

  1. Open Settings, find Google, and select Manage your Google Account
  2. Under Data & Privacy, find My Ad Center and disable Personalized Ads
  3. Go back to Settings, navigate to Privacy (under Advanced, if needed), select Ads, and reset your advertising ID

These steps won't eliminate ads but will help control their relevance and reduce the likelihood of ads that are based on your past online activity.

3. Play games offline

Some games provide offline modes that allow you to bypass ads simply by disconnecting from the internet. To utilize this method, start by selecting games that are compatible with offline play. Once you've chosen your game, turn off both Wi-Fi and mobile data on your device. This action ensures you're not connected to the internet.

Launch the game in the offline mode and you'll be able to enjoy your chosen game without the interruptions of ads. This approach is particularly effective for games that do not necessitate an internet connection, thereby ensuring a seamless and ad-free gaming experience.

This option is only viable for games that offer a premium version explicitly without ads. Begin by identifying games in your collection that provide this option. Once you've found a suitable game, navigate to its menu and look for the upgrade or purchase option.

Completing the transaction will unlock the premium version of the game, free from disruptive advertisements. This method not only enhances your gaming experience by removing ads but often comes with additional features and benefits exclusive to the paid version.

5. Turn on Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane Mode is a clever way to enjoy ad-free gaming on mobile devices. however, this method works only for games that don't require an internet connection. Simply activate Airplane Mode on your device and see whether your game works.

Without internet access, the game won't be able to load ads, allowing you to play without any interruptions.

6. Use a VPN to change your location

Utilizing a VPN to change your digital location can be an experimental method to potentially reduce the frequency of ads in games. While it was once a thing that audiences in certain regions, like the United States, faced more ads, recent observations suggest that the disparity in ad frequency between regions might not be as significant. Despite this, employing a VPN remains a strategy worth exploring.

Here’s how to try it:

  1. Select a reliable VPN provider with multiple servers worldwide, like NordVPN
  2. Download and install the VPN app and connect to a server in a country with potentially fewer ads or a cheaper ad-free version
  3. Launch your game and observe if there's a noticeable decrease in ads

This method is speculative, as ad frequency can vary and isn't always dependent on location. However, it might be worth experimenting with if you're looking for alternative ad-blocking strategies or a cheaper version of an ad-free upgrade.

Why do games have so many ads?

The prevalence of ads in games is primarily driven by the freemium model of app monetization. Here are the reasons why:

  • Revenue. Many mobile games are free to download, relying on ads for revenue.
  • Incentivized ads. Developers often use ads to offer players in-game rewards or bonuses.
  • User engagement. Ads can be a tool to introduce new games or features to players.

Statistics indicate that an average mobile game player might encounter numerous ads per gaming session. This number can vary widely depending on the game's design and monetization strategy.

Ads play a crucial role in the gaming industry's economy, balancing free access for players with revenue needs for developers. However, for users seeking uninterrupted gameplay, the above methods can effectively reduce or completely eliminate ad interruptions.

Final thoughts

While ads in games are widely common in the modern gaming experience, primarily serving as a revenue stream for developers, there are numerous effective methods to minimize or eliminate them. Whether it’s using an efficient ad blocker, adjusting game or device settings, playing offline, upgrading to a paid version, turning on airplane mode, or experimenting with a VPN, each method offers a unique solution to enhance your gaming experience.

Remember, the choice of method depends on the game type and your personal preferences. However, the ad blocker is the quickest and the most effective way. By using it, you can enjoy an uninterrupted and more engaging gaming session, free from the distractions of unwanted advertisements.

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